The Ketogenic Diet For Beginners. How To Get Started With A Keto Diet.

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I wanted to come up a ketogenic diet for beginners guide to try and make things just a bit easier for people who are just starting their journey . I know how hard it can be to get your head around trying to figure out how to make a keto diet work.

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Trying to calculate the macronutrient percentages  and figuring out what that actually looks in in meals can also be a bit confusing. You want to set yourself up for success and this keto diet starters guide can help.

What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet or keto diet is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. It has many potential benefits for weight loss, health and performance.

And it works. I have lost 40 pounds in the last 4 months…

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Top Tiny Houses of 2015

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I have not posted anything about tiny houses in a while, but make no mistake, I still love tiny house floor plans!

Here are just a few of what may be considered the top tiny houses of 2015.

1. Tiny home built from bottles, bones and beach debris

top tiny houses

Sleeping in a space without electricity on a totally silent beach on a remote island behind thick walls, it was the quietest night I have ever spent. The light filtering through the bottles and windows this morning from the rising sun was a glorious sight. It was a truly memorable experience.

2. Self Made 500$ Tiny Home

tiny house made from recycled material

Now this is what I am talking about! Using salvaged materials and gifted items will keep costs down, as Pacific Northwest resident Scott Brooks did with his tiny home, which he built for “well below” USD $500.

3. Off Grid Hawaii…

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Open Concept Modern Tiny House with Elevator Bed

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Wow- This could be my favorite tiny house I’ve ever seen on YouTube. It is built by Ana White and her husband Jacob.

It really does have it all and it’s clever without being stupid. I am having a hard time finding any drawbacks to this tiny house. The fact that it’s the first tiny home I’ve seen with a female designer/carpenter can’t be coincidence either. Great problem solving in every aspect and I love that the plans are shared with the public.

See much more at Ana White

What do you think of this fantastic tiny house? Please share your thoughts in the comments and please share this post via social media. Thanks!

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The Majestic Bus Home. A Beautifully Restored Caravan

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Images © Majestic Bus


Made from a former bus, the Majestic Bus has been remodeled into a cute, little guest home in Hay-on-Wye, Wales.

The home was renovated with wood floors, a beautifully designed kitchen with cabinetry, a gas stove, and a fridge. There’s a double-sized bed in the home, in addition to an L-shaped sofa that can be converted into an extra bed. The home can comfortably fit up to four adults.

For energy, the Majestic Bus has solar panels on the roof to power the lights and electrical sockets. There’s no plumbing in the house, but there is a wooden bathhouse just a little ways away.

The bus is available for rent, for two people, from £90 – £145 per night(110USD-180USD), depending on the time of year. Extra people can be invited along for an additional fee. In addition to the four adults that…

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Greenmoxie Tiny House. Off Grid with a Drawbridge-Style Deck

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images copyrighted Greenmoxie

Greenmoxie Tiny House The Greenmoxie Tiny House has a drawbridge deck, which allows the tiny house to remain a reasonable length for towing but then extend when stationary to offer an outdoor deck area(Credit: Greenmoxie)

Canadian green living proponent Greenmoxie recently completed its first tiny house. The firm is off to a strong start, and boasts some impressive off-grid technology.

The Greenmoxie Tiny House allows the owner to live off grid and comes  with a drawbridge-style deck that extends the living space.

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There are some other nice features in the Greenmoxie tiny house. And oh yeah that drawbridge deck is electric.

The eco-friendly 340 square foot THOW(tiny house on wheels) makes use of every inch of its compact layout to provide every amenity you’d desire, from electricity to a fully functional bathroom.

Off Grid and Luxurious

The Greenmoxie tiny house  is built with upcycled

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