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Ways To Declutter Your Home and Life in One Month

Is your life a bit overwhelming? Here are 31 tips to declutter your home and life in one months.


The “Declutter 5” Project

Change The Code

Defeat Clutter Forever

Do you have some decluttering that you need to do but feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of taking on what seems like a monumental task?

I am sure that there are quite a few of us out there who feel this way.

The problem with most advice on clearing clutter is that it runs on the assumption that people actually have enough storage space in their homes. I am 100% sure that anyone who saves closet space by rotating their winter clothes out of their closet to make room for their summer wardrobe isn’t storing their Christmas sweaters under their house in the crawlspace.

So what I am proposing is a challenge called the “Declutter 5 Project”

The premise is simple. Each day find 5 things that you can do without and get rid of them.

Do this every day for 30 days.

Need help…

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How I cured my anxiety

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The Nerdy Lion

Anxiety sucks, I know it, you know it, I think even deep-down anxiety knows it’s a deplorable piece of poop as well. No breath is deep enough, sleep is difficult to come by and you just feel burdened by, well, everything; society’s expectations, the ones you set on yourself, and most importantly – your cat. It literally feels like the world is weighing on your shoulders and you feel alone, like the only person in the world who has ever felt this way. Yeah, it feels insurmountable and sure, you probably feel embarrassed that you let it get this far. But don’t worry, the Lion is here to help you. Now before you go ahead and take everything I say as gospel, just remember I don’t have a doctorate in psychology or therapy. I do however think……like a lot, so you are in safe hands.

joker-main Why so anxious Batman?


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Accept What Is — Don’t Judge as Good or Bad

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare, “Hamlet” So as of today my son informed me of his decison the withdraw from his course of study at college. How would you feel? How would you react? I will admit to being a bit disappointed. And stressed. He has … Continue reading Accept What Is — Don’t Judge as Good or Bad

The Simple Truth. Everything You Know Is A Lie

Change The Code

change your life Is It Time To Change Your Code?

What If Everything You Know Is A Lie?

What if you woke up tomorrow and everything you had thought was true was a deception? A deception formed by people that stood to profit from your ignorance. Not just on one small area but every facet of your existence. Would you want to know? Would you want to actually change your life?

Or, would you be content with the life you had before you discovered the truth? Could you close your eyes and act as if nothing ever happened? What if you could see the ways that you have been deceived and the way that those that came before you were made to believe a lie? How valuable would the truth become?

  • Would it make you change your habits?
  • Change your routines?
  • Change the way you talk or think or speak?
  • Would it…

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Tiny Solar House. Off-Grid And Amazing.

Change The Code

Photos via and ©  The Tiny Solar House

For those of you who love tiny houses this may just be the reason why. The Tiny Solar House is a 210-square-foot off-grid home on wheels that’s powered by six 280-watt photovoltaic panels.

off grid tiny solar house

The tiny house house on wheels measures approximately 18 feet long and 9 feet wide and it was constructed with a cedar exterior using vertical tongue-and-groove siding and long walls. It features a living room / office space; a kitchen with a fridge, double sink and a four-burner stove; a bathroom with shower and compost toilet; a sleeping loft with a queen-sized mattress and storage space.

tiny house on wheels off grid

The solar panels installed on the roof generate enough clean energy to keep the house powered throughout the day. These are connected to maintenance-free deep cycle AGM batteries and a MidNite Solar charge controller and Xantrex inverter that keep the system running throughout the…

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