denis waitley quotes

This Saturday

Denis Waitley is an American motivational speaker. Here is a simple quote from him to help you focus on you.


The Kids Have Me Figured Out

"I love you Mr. Lowe. You are just like a big kid. You have never grown up."   I was a substitute Principal at an elementary school yesterday. It is a school I go to a lot and I love it. The staff and students are amazing. During recess I am required to go outside … Continue reading The Kids Have Me Figured Out

Five-Minute Decluttering Tips

Change The Code

I’ve written a lot about simplicity and decluttering (I can’t help it — I’m passionate about it!) Maybe you share this ideal of having an uncluttered home or workplace, but don’t know where to start.

When your home is filled with clutter, trying to tackle a mountain of stuff can be quite overwhelming. I have even gotten a friend to help me at times.

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