Alaskan mom builds lovely tiny house — and is offering the plans for free (Video)

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Building your own tiny house or even your own furniture can be daunting, especially if you have little experience with power tools, and no foggy idea on selecting materials and how to put them together. But free tiny house plans — and a bit of positive advice — can be a real godsend for newbies.

Ana White

© Ana White

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Alaskan blogger, stay-at-home mom and self-taught carpenter Ana White, who’s best known for her DIY blog that offers free plans for building furniture, created this lovely tiny home in a remote part of Alaska with her husband, Jacob. Nicknamed Quartz, the home has some interesting design features, all of which can be built by anyone using the free plans. Check out Ana’s video tour:

Ana White

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The Surf Shack: A Tiny House Plan I Really Could Get Used To

I STILL really like this tiny house!

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The Surf Shack Tiny House

It is truly amazing to me how many people love tiny house floor plans. If you put up some photos of traditional houses people will certainly like them but when you show them tiny house pictures they are usually in awe and want to know more about tiny house designs and how they are built.

There are so many different amazing tiny house design plans that a person could choose from.

Tiny house floor plans

Molecule Tiny Homes Surf Shack

It is a bit ridiculous to try and pick just one tiny house design and plan to fall in love with. There are just so many great options out there these days from custom tiny house builders.

That being said, I am very smitten with this particular tiny house plan and design. It is from Molecule Tiny Homes.

I really like the linear kitchen at one end…

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How To Stop Spending Money on Unnecessary Things

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If you are wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle one of the things you probably need to do is figure out how to stop spending money on unnecessary things. This can prove to be a bit tricky for a lot of us.

We Are Trained to Be Consumers

Why we spend money is a very complex issue.

For some of us it something we do to “feel better”. We think it is going to make us happy. And for a very short time spending money and buying something may do just that.

But that feeling of joy is short lived. And a few days or a week later and you need to go out again to get that dopamine hit from spending money and shopping.

Companies spend billions of dollars on marketing and advertising in an effort to get you to part with your money. They employ scientists and…

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A Minimalist Eating Plan For 2018 To Help Lose Fat

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What My Minimalist Diet Plan Looks Like

So my eating had been out of control. Lots of junk and too many calories. This had been going on for years.

I knew better. But when it came right down to it I just would not make the changes to my eating that were needed to actually lose weight.

Garbage in, garbage out.

A major change needed to happen.

I am not a cook. I do not really like to cook that much. So I needed a minimalist eating plan that was just very simple to follow AND that made sense from a scientific standpoint.

The Ketogenic Diet As A Minimalist Diet Plan

The Ketogenic Diet has been around for decades. The problem is that we have been told a bunch of lies by the food industry, various health care professionals and ever our own governments as to what we “should” be…

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How To Stop Being A Slave To Time

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“Tick-tock, click-clock, the clock counts down: on we hurry, off we scurry.”

Are you always in a rush? Never enough time to get things done?

We seem to be addicted to time. Clocks on every device we own. And of course the watches we wear to keep us “on time”.

How did we get to this place where time seems to control us?

How to be Human: Consciousness, Language and 48 More Things that Make You You

I’m In A Hurry to Get Things Done

“Oh my God would you hurry up!! We’re going to be late!”

Sound familiar?  Have you ever said that? Maybe it has been said to you?

We’ve all known the feeling. Stuck in traffic, all in a hurry with nowhere to go–or late for work, waiting in line, expecting a call, tossing in bed, or triple-clicking the mouse over a slow Internet connection–we incessantly…

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