What is a minimalist lifestyle

What is a minimalist lifestyle?

What is minimalist living?

I can’t help but think that some people out there are drawn to what they think is minimalist living in the form of minimalist home designs or minimalist interior design.

All that is well and good I suppose. I certainly enjoy minimalist houses and architecture.

But the purpose of this blog is to look at actually living a minimalist lifestyle.

How to become a minimalist if you will.

Am I one? Not yet but I am on my way.

I want to find out how to live a simple life. I want to live simply.

I think about all the stuff I have spent money on in my lifetime and now wonder “why“.

Most of that stuff served no real purpose. It was a want, not a need.

I was seduced by advertising telling me I needed something.

So what is a minimalist lifestyle?

For me it is living within my means. Purchasing only what needs to be purchased. Only having items that serve a purpose. Getting rid of clutter.

Minimalist living is also about living quietly. Solitude. Inner peace. A life that is free of complications and distractions.

It is an ongoing process.

So am I alone? What are your thoughts on what is a minimalist lifestyle. Please comment.


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