We spend the first part of our lives accumulating stuff and the second part trying to get rid of it.

So when you are gone what will be your legacy?

What will those who knew you remember most?

What do you want to be remembered for?

I will argue that when is comes right down to it we all just want to be remembered for being good people. That we did the right thing. That we cared. This is what I want to believe.

I want to leave this earth with nothing. Maybe I’ll have a few pennies saved up for my son.

And I’m sure I will have a few things that my son or grandkids(if I have any) may want. But just a few. And they will be things with intrinsic value.

My baseball glove that I got for grading in grade 3 that my dad and I picked out.

Some pictures.

I can’t think of much else!

Stuff will not be my legacy.

There will be no mindless clutter to sift through.  Think of the people left behind that have to go through all that stuff. It is actually hard on them. They don’t really want your old junk. They really have nowhere to put it but feel guilty if they get rid of it.

Who I was as a person is all I want remembered. That I was a good dad. A good friend.

In the end that’s all that counts.

So, what will be your legacy?

Stuff or something bigger?

“Live Simply”


6 thoughts on “What Will Be Your Legacy?

  1. It’s seriously like you are reading my mind on this one! I have thought about this so many times since the death of my grandparents and watching the whole division of the property. Comical and ridiculous both. The older I get the less I want and I certainly don’t want anyone to think what I own was what I valued.

  2. I agree with you on all part Mike.

    I had to examine what I wanted to do with my life, this past year, and how I want to live it.

    So many time media plays out that to be somebody you need the newest phone,car, etc. Yet actions speak louder than words, let your actions build your legacy.

    That why in the end I wanted to leave a life of service. I am a nurse major and hope to work for a Organization that works for the development of third world countries, and aides in disaster relief.

    I think Albert Einstein said it the best “Only a life lived for others is worth living”.

    Thanks for stopping on my site the other day Mike really appreciated the comment. I look forward to more of your post here on your blog.

    1. Thanks Jordan for commenting. Yup we are conditioned to be good little consumers. Do your part to keep the engine of industry chugging along.
      We have become brainwashed and what is worse is that our schools are doing nothing to help children understand what it means to
      “live within their means”. They are destined to follow down the road of debt, debt, debt.
      Thanks again,

  3. Yup. My mother( a clutter bug) and her siblings are doing this right now with their parent’s stuff. And my grandparents are still alive! They are no longer able to live in the house due to health reasons so they have to endure their children just wanting to get rid of their stuff.
    And yet my mother hangs on to everything “just in case”. I can barely go there to visit.
    She thinks she is organized and yet can never find anything. It’s good for a laugh!

  4. I can relate. I convinced my mother that I would help her declutter. We started with the kitchen pantry and when she got to the round glass bread pans and said she needed to keep them in case of hard times and we needed to make bread, I knew it was hopeless. Who would need round glass bread pans in hard times and she hadn’t used them in at least 30 years! Then there was a salad bowl that she hadn’t used in 35 years, but it brought back such good memories. I knew then that any efforts to get my parents to downsize their possession early on was not going to work!

    1. LMAO! Last weekend my mother had my father trying on winter jackets to see if he wanted to keep them. It was 30 degrees celsius. Never mind that she has asked me 1000 times if she should get rid of my high school basketball uniform. WTF? Must have something to with the era they were brought up in. I know we are a throw away society but they take things a bit far. “Might have to make bread.” Gosh that’s funny!

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