Minimalist Living As Stress Reducer

The World Health Organization has called stress a modern day epidemic affecting every person of every culture, educational status, and financial level across the world. Too much stress is the reason we end up sick and burned out. We know there must be something more than the hustle and bustle of modern-day life and yet forget to take the time to find our unique sense of life balance.

Gandhi once said, “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” This is even more true in the modern world. It is essential then that you discover what will bring you a harmonious and balanced lifestyle. There are many ways to bring yourself more life balance.

Tips for Reducing Stress and Finding Inner Peace

Here are my top 10 tips for reducing stress and achieving inner peace.

1. Have Faith in a Higher Power

Voltaire once said, “Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” Having faith in a higher power helps you face even the darkest hours. Faith gives you peace of mind and an open heart. It lights the dark tunnel and allows you to walk forward courageously. Meditate, do yoga, or deep breathing.

Action Step: Choose a favorite inspirational quote about faith and put it in your wallet.

2. Assess Your Life

Human beings are similar to a computer: we both operate on programming. What we put in, we get back. And if we put in or take on too much, we get overloaded, and then burn out. Assessing where you are now will help you to know what to do, where to go, and what to leave behind.

Action Step: List all the stressful events that have happened to you in the last year.

3. Live By Your Values

Choose to make life choices that stem from your core values—those things that feed your soul. Values are intrinsic beliefs and feelings that develop from our experiences, backgrounds, and culture. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that when your orient your life around your values that life is much more to your liking.

Action Step: Identify and define your top 5 personal core values.

4. Develop Boundaries

Boundaries are physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers that keep us safe, protected and nurtured. Having healthy boundaries empowers us to say no when appropriate and attract what we want into our life. Boundaries show others that you love, care, and value yourself.

Action Step: Set a clear boundary with someone close to you this week.

5. Engage in positive self talk

Balanced living requires balanced thinking. When negative thoughts come up, shut them out and focus on the positive. Your personal operating software is often running off of outdated and old tapes. Consciously create a new tape and upload it to your brain!

Action Step: Choose an affirmation that you love and say it out loud ten times every day.

6. Take Control

You are in control of your own life. Nobody makes you stay in bad situations. If you are in a job you despise, an unhealthy relationship, do not wait until you get fired or dumped. Choose to change. Recognize the cause of your discontent and take action.

Action Step: Make a change for the better starting now.

7. Clean up and Clear Out

Your physical surroundings have a major impact on your sense of life balance. So if you live and work in chaos and clutter, you will feel off center. Cleaning up and clearing out your personal (mind-set and relationships) and environmental (home, office, car) spaces brings instant rejuvenation.

Action Step: Tackle a drawer, closet, or garage by the end of the week.

8. Eliminate What You Can No Longer Tolerate

If you are like most, you are tolerating way too much. A toleration is anything that is stressing you, for example: things that are undone, incomplete projects, and toxic people, places, or situations.

Action Step: Eliminate 3 “tolerations” from your life today.

9. Practice Wellness

Wellness means having a holistic program (mind, body, and spirit). Take care of your body by eating healthy, getting regular exercise and enjoying rest. Nurture your heart and mind with good friends, fun adventures, and learning new things. Refresh your spirit by reading inspirational books, attending church, spending time in nature, etc.

Action Step: Do 3 extra things to take care of yourself this week.

10. Simplify Your Life- Becoming Minimalist

The key to live more simply is to downsize and release unnecessary things from your life. Simple living is about living deliberately. You choose your existence rather than sailing through life. It is about finding your unique balance. Simplicity asks: Is it right for me? How do I want to live my life?

Action Step: Write your philosophy of an ideal life, incorporating elements you most cherish.

There are many ways to bring balance to your life. Finding inner peace starts with assessing your current situation, making smart decisions and becoming more aware of what makes you happy.

Start your journey to a minimalist lifestyle today. Discover what works best for you and commit to doing it on a daily basis.

You will quickly learn that reducing stress and achieving life balance is not just a nice idea, but an actual reality!

Live Simply


2 thoughts on “Living A Minimalist Lifestyle As A Way To Reduce Stress

  1. Hey, I like your blog!

    I can’t agree more on the subject of setting boundaries. I think that’s the key to keeping the unimportant and stressful stuff from invading your private sanctuary space, both physically and figuratively. Alas, enforcing boundaries is one of the hardest things to do, especially around loved ones.

    1. Hi. Setting boundaries is something that I struggle with a bit I will admit. Luckily I live simply and am not bothered(?) too much by others vying for my time or overstepping their bounds. Thanks for commenting.

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