My journey in progress towards a minimalist lifestyle has me looking around at every “thing” I have in my place. My place is a 600 sq foot apartment. I love it.

So I feel it is time for my own 100 thing challenge. Live with less.

Undertaking a 100 thing challenge is certainly not a new concept. Living with less and voluntary simplicity has been around for a long time.

The idea for a 100 thing challenge was put forth a couple of years ago by Dave Bruno.

As I look around my place I certainly do not have much but I have more than 100 things. Hell, I have 2 full utensil trays(I don’t know how!)

So I am going to just start to get rid of stuff. I want to be able to take off on a moments notice if I decide to and not have to worry about what to do with a bunch of items.

People have a hard time letting go of their stuff sometimes. They spent money on an item and attach a dollar figure to said item.
They therefore feel wasteful for giving it up.

Let go of that thought. The waste came when you bought it in the first place.

Sell it or donate it. You can live with less.

It has a bit to do with clutter control but I have that pretty much in check.

I want…less. I want to live with less.

Spend less live better.

Have less live better.

I just don’t need or even want anything. I don’t think it is apathy. I am getting such joy out of just living in the moment and being in nature that I can’t think of any material possessions that would give me the same amount of happiness.

Living with less stuff just feels right.

I just don’t understand the “have more” society we seem to live in. Having more stuff is not tied to happiness. Various studies have proven this. Actually more stuff and more clutter is tied to dissatisfaction and higher levels of stress.

So maybe it is time to think about your own 100 thing challenge. I know it is for me.

“Live Simply”


5 thoughts on “100 Thing Challenge

  1. Love your comment about ‘more stuff and more clutter being tied to dissatisfaction and highter levels of stress.’ Seriously evaluating and paring down my ‘stuff’ brings me a higher level of peace, which I strive for daily. I’m not there yet with the 100 think challenge, but I am seriously making some inroads in simplifying!

  2. Marion!! Thank you so much for commenting. It is liberating to declutter AND to realize what is important in life. Stuff just isn’t important.
    Living life. That’s what is important. Stay tuned for more posts:)


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