As I continue to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and minimalist living I am reevaluating all aspects of my life.

I want to live simply. Just enjoy life and not think about having or acquiring stuff.

I am sure this puts me in the minority of individuals. We are programmed by the 500 billion dollar advertising industry to want more all the time.

Where does a lot of this advertising come from? Cable tv.

The average North American watches 23 hours of television per week.

And we say we don’t have time for stuff. Ha. Plus the 20 hours per week on the internet.

So it got me thinking about a couple of things.

If you have a cable subscription, would you be able to pay for a years worth of cable programming up front? Probably not.

Here where I live cable television ranges from about 30.00 er month for basic to probably 100.00 or more for high definition(HD) with extra channels. Good grief! And people can’t pay off their credit cards.

So let’s say people are spending about $60.00 a month on just their cable service. $2 per day. Not much really.

But what if I asked my best friend to pay me $2.00 per day. For my friendship. Surely I am worth that much.

I don’t think they would go for it.

In other words, cable TV, which does nothing but tell you your life is inadequate and convinces you to spend money on stuff you do not need and cannot afford, is worth more than the friendship of your best friend.

Am I right?

I enjoy some shows and movies and sports. But I can download, rent or watch them online. For free or a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite service.

I am not sure that a minimalist lifestyle can include cable television.

Your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Is Your Friendship Worth More Than Cable To Your Friends

  1. I can’t ditch the cable because my husband has subscribed yet to the minimal lifestyle as of yet! Cable bills are really highway robbery but thankfully because of cable, we don’t have to watch many commercials these days. And for myself…if everyone else wants it, makes me want to run the other way!

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