Why You Can’t Shake That Feeling That Something Isn’t Quite Right

There is no spoon. The American Dream is a lie.

You feel it. You sense it. That rat inside your brain that keeps spinning the little wheel.

Something isn’t right. You did everything you were “told” to do. It is what everyone else does. Go to school, go to college, get a job, get married, have a child(or two, or three), buy a house, have 2(or more!)cars.

And on and on.

To the outside world you are the picture of success.

Why is it then that you can’t shake this feeling of uneasiness. Of unhappiness.

Because deep down inside you just know that it was all a lie.

You, like so many others, have become a conformist.

You followed a career path that promised success and good pay. But of course you also followed the path of spending to excess. A house that you can barely afford. Credit cards that are maxed. Car payments, a line of credit.

Plus no time for yourself, your kids, or your partner.

Go, go, go. More, more, more. Ah yes, The American Dream. Or is it a nightmare?

Money does not buy happiness. It enslaves people. It takes away time from them and their family.

Do you feel resentful? This can’t be your life. This is not what you envisioned for yourself all those years ago.

The amazing thing is you are not alone.

It does not have to be this way. You can break free from this feeling of things not being right.

Time for a good hard look in the mirror. What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? What can you do without? Can you get rid of some of the stuff that is taking up all that space. Streamline your possessions?

Is there a way to live more simply and find intrinsic happiness in just living?

Yes there is.

It is found in living a minimalist lifestyle. You can still have possessions. But they have meaning. A purpose. You derive pleasure from them. You simplify your life. Less is more.

You will meet with resistance. Your partner may think it is a mid life crisis. Your friends won’t want to admit that they are feeling the same way. Certainly the mainstream media won’t be much help. They are the ones that tell you to spend your way to happiness.

You must look inside yourself and find what it is that gives you joy.

It is time to rediscover your happiness and passion for life.

Don’t conform to what society dictates life is supposed to look like.

Make life conform to you.

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“Live Simply”


4 thoughts on “There Is No Spoon

  1. You’re right…there is no golden spoon and we’ve got several generations now with entitlement issues, feeling that they will be taken care of.

    I learned early on that what others have has nothing to do with my life and it has served me well. Years ago, we had lost our home, car and lifestyle as we chased the American Dream. I have learned from our past and the fruits of simple living are formost in my mind. No matter how little or how much we make, our basic living never changes and I’m set on simplifying it even more.

    1. Entitlement issues. Interesting comment. I see so many younger people who feel they need a huge house with 2 or 3 bathrooms, 4 or 5 bedrooms, etc.
      They feel they have “arrived”. They’ve “made it”. Hell, maybe they have. But I personally feel that it is wasteful and selfish. Good on you for reinventing yourself.

  2. Great post! We’ve been mislead (brainwashed might be a better term) into a life of excess. A life where we enslaved to our debt because society has deemed “STUFF” essential. What’s really essential? Our passions. Our dreams. And the time to pursue them. 🙂

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