So as I have posted I am undertaking my own 100 Thing Challenge.

I am going to have a yard sale to try and make a few dollars. Anything that does not sell will be donated.

What if you gave everything away?

Do you have more than you need? Are you being suffocated by stuff? By clutter?

You can only reorganize the clutter so many times. Have you ever noticed that it always seems to come back. Like a bad odor that you just cannot get rid of.

You have to go straight to the source.

Clutter is stifling. It numbs your mind.

How liberating it is to actually get rid of things that serve no purpose.

I bet the average family of 4 has enough stuff to fill an 18 wheeler.

Of course living a minimalist lifestyle isn’t just about having less stuff. It is about the realization that happiness comes from within. From living life and experiencing all that this great world has to offer.

I am happier now than I have ever been.

So what do you have that you could sell or give away? Toys, clothes, dishes, furniture, books, dvd’s,

Start in one room and just start.

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“Live Simply”



4 thoughts on “What If You Gave Everything Away?

  1. I’ve already decided today to go through my books and donate many of them to the library this evening. I have numerous motivational business books that have not even been read and I may as well share them. If I want to read a book in the future, I’ll be checking it out at the library and not have to live with the dust collecting in the future!

    So true…the clutter keeps resurfacing even after ‘organizing’ it and it is stifling.

      1. LOL. You are Forgiven:)

        I don’t have too much. I live in a small apartment and have never been a “clutterist”. But some books, dvds, home theater system(that has been under a cupboard for a year), some clothes can go, small computer desk. If I have not used it in the past couple of months, it is not going to survive my 100 Thing Challenge.

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