And Why You Will Too

I am passionate about minimalist living. Living simply.

It just seems so easy. It seems natural.

I am not one of the millions who hates their job but has to suck it up and force themselves to go to work to pay the bills.

That does not seem natural to me. It certainly does not seem healthy or productive.

Go to a job you don’t really care for, where you are not appreciated. Then go home and not have any motivation or energy left to do anything else.

So what is the Number 1 reason I love minimalist living?


Freedom to choose what I want to do each and every day.

I don’t have any debt. I do have monthly bills that have to be paid. But there is no car payment, no “til death”(mortgage) payment, and no credit card debt.

So I have the freedom to choose when and how much I work.

I have a microbusiness that provides more than enough to pay my bills and have a bit left over.

During the school year I substitute teach. Here in Nova Scotia that job pays very well. And I have the freedom to choose the days I want to go to a school.

Because I am participating in my own 100 Thing Challenge I don’t have any clutter or useless belongings.

This also gives me the freedom to enjoy my space without having a bunch of stuff around.

I have the freedom to be be passionate about ideas that I have and the topics that interest me.

I have the freedom to move if I want or travel more.

I have the freedom to sit still and enjoy each moment. Quiet solitude. Not go, go, go. Rush, rush, rush. Have, have, have.

I have freedom.

The number one reason to live a minimalist lifestyle is just to have the freedom to be able to live the life you want to have.

What else could be more important?

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“Live Simply”


4 thoughts on “The Number 1 Reason I Love Minimalist Living Is…

  1. I really enjoy this blog. I completely understand. When I moved I couldn’t stop finding all this useless stuff. I gave away a lot of my belongings and had a yard sale for the rest.. dont know where it came from. BUT it felt AMAZING to get rid of 50% of it!!!

    1. It makes realize what is truly important in life. Stuff is not important. Living life and experiencing all that this incredible world has to offer is what’s important.
      Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Thanks for the continued inspiration! I am working hard every day to create the lifestyle that you have. I wake up invigorated and ready to get at the reinvention of my life. I walked through Walmart today to buy buttons and as I walked through the store I was so happy that I didn’t feel like I needed another thing. I was in and out. It is all about freedom. I’ve been on the fast track of making money and having no time to spend or enjoy it. I was frazzled all the time and felt disconnnected to my community and friends. I know now what the life I want to live is and I am getting there!

    1. Well I am thrilled and humbled that you are finding inspiration here:) I have it easy. A small apartment. A simple life. But it is easy to do. All a matter of choice. It certainly sounds like you are on your way to creating the life you want and deserve to have. Good job!!

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