I have a love/hate relationship with the education system.

"Sit down and shut up!"

On one hand I enjoy going to school and interacting with students. Watching how they learn. Hearing what they have to say. Hell I just like to goof around sometimes and have fun!

But I also question what messages are being sent to the students.

Because of cash strapped governments(if the government can’t manage its finances what chance do the rest of us have?) schools now have juice machines and snack machines.

Not the healthiest of choices. Plus students are encouraged to spend money.

The other thing is that individuality is stifled. Students are taught to be conformists. Follow the rules or else. Sit down, shut up and just do your work! Even though there may be posters up that contradict this premise.

The free thinkers in society are the ones who get things done.

But schools stifle free thinking. They are ones who get sent to the office for being disruptive.

The education system(run by the government) wants you to be a robot. Become a “good citizen”, don’t question authority, keep your head down, spend money, pay tax(es), and then die.

Are students being asked or taught to think for themselves? I am sure in some classrooms they are. But these classes are few and far between.

Students must be encouraged to be curious, to question everything. The best learning is achieved when it is self directed. When there is a natural curiosity.

Let students figure things out for themselves.

Now it is follow the rules, read these pages, memorize this or that, spit it out on a test. What does this accomplish? How does this prepare students to become problem solvers?

Until the education system gets out of the way and stops dictating exactly what students learn and how they are to learn it, most(but not all thank goodness) students will grow up to make the same mistakes as the majority of society; spend yourself into a staggering amount of debt, be in job that does not satisfy you, not understand personal relationships, not have any time to just enjoy life.

There is a better way. Encourage students to be curious. Let them explore and ask questions. Guide them when needed. Be a facilitator, not a dictator.

Look up unschooling. I am certainly not alone in what I put forth in this post.

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“Live Simply”


4 thoughts on “How The Education System Is Teaching Us To Fail

  1. I personally feel the schools need to teach more living in the real world classes and hands on experience. Maybe even something as simple as balancing a checkbook!

  2. i totally agree with u. I am planning not to send my future children on typical school. instead I will have them attend clubs that interests them.

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