Things may not always turn out the way you want.

And this presents a wonderful opportunity for embracing minimalist living practices.

Even though you try to gather information, cross your t’s and dot your i’s, and take an informed approach to various happenings in your life, sometimes there are bumps and hiccups along the way.

Could these have been foreseen? Maybe. Maybe not. It does really matter right now does it?

How your respond to these hiccups is what defines you as a person.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how to respond to it.

You can get frustrated, angry, upset and throw in the towel.

Or you can see it as an opportunity to realize what may not work. What could I do differently? Maybe nothing.

So how can minimalism and a minimalist lifestyle help you when things don’t go your way?

A minimalist lifestyle is one that is free of clutter. Not just physical clutter, but emotional clutter as well.

Now is the perfect time to find stillness of the mind.

To pause.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Picture yourself somewhere serene. A field, a beach, a deserted island.

Smile. Happiness comes from within. You can still choose to have happiness and joy in your life.

Be grateful for all that you have. Is this setback really going to diminish all the things that are truly important to you? I thought not.

A minimalist lifestyle that practices stillness has a calming effect on you and those around you.

Worry not about the setback and do not let disappointment dictate your actions.

Take this wonderful opportunity to incorporate minimalism living practices into your life and watch the “setback” diminish.

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“Live Simply”


3 thoughts on “Embracing Minimalism When Things Don’t Go Your Way

  1. Hi Mark. Came across to have a look at your site after you left a comment on mine. I like the notion you have put in here about clutter being emotional as well as physical. I have a small home and only just this morning had a look around and said to myself – time to declutter. I do this regularly and it is time to tidy up and get rid of some of this stuff. Emotional clutter is another matter though. Clutter of information in my head – thinking, thinking all of the time. This is definately something I need to work on. Good luck and it is so pleasant to read someones blog who does sound quite happy and comfortable in their world. Cheers, Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy. I do the same thing and I have a small apartment. I just find it calming to have minimal stuff. Nice things though. Items that give me pause and make me think and make me smile. I, like you, am thinking all the time:) But I do make time to meditate. To be still. Thanks so much for commenting. I’ll be sure to check out your blog regularly. Cheers.

  2. The trick is to live minimally whether things are going well or not so good. My husband and I have always maintained our same conservative lifestyle during good times, which eases the tighter economic times. But now having my interest in taking it even further and living even more simply, I am enjoying an even greater peace of mind. It has, as you described, had a calming effect on me and on my family.

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