Give Me Some Ideas On Minimalist Interior Design

I have a Minimalist Living Interior Design Challenge for you.

You will see some photos of my place. I did not move anything around, so these are the before pictures.

What I am looking for from you are ideas on what should go. And maybe what should stay.

I am on board with the Minimalist Living 100 Thing Challenge so I know that a lot of stuff will have to go.

So you tell me. What are some of your interior design ideas?. Please keep in mind that I want a minimalist interior design theme.

Living a minimalist lifestyle has made me realize certain things and I am learning more about myself everyday.

I can do without. I do not need anything.

I have some ideas on what should go. But I want your interior design ideas. Move this or toss that. Should I keep something you see?

So please comment and pass this along to your friends so they can have the chance to comment as well.


“Live Simply”

minimalist bedroom
kitchen 1

Update! Minimalist Living Interior Design Challenge Update

Update 2 Minimalist Living Interior Design Challenge Update 2


17 thoughts on “Minimalist Living Interior Design Challenge

  1. Hi Mark! I’d suggest removing anything that’s visually cluttered/distracting. Create one focal point in each room, and leave breathing room around your furniture and art.

    1. Reduce the number of items on the walls (and floors), especially if they’re small.
    2. Keep only 1 of the framed photos above your desk (I’d suggest keeping the big rectangle one that’s currently on the lower left side).
    3. Remove the table that’s next to your desk if you don’t need it.
    4. Remove the canvases that are above your tv + the cone tree.
    5. I’d suggest removing one of the sofas too if you don’t use it.

    I’m in the process of getting rid of a lot of items too (cushions, books, vessels like glasses and serving bowls, etc. – which I have too many of). You’d think my house would be totally decluttered by now after 3 years of minimalist living but it looks like I have more useless stuff than I thought 🙂 My goal is to get rid of everything by the end of the year. Wish me luck!
    And thanks for showing your place!


  2. Taking pics is/was such a good idea. Gives a different perspective somehow. Kind of like a before pic when doing a body transformation. I’m thinking, “This is what people see when they come here?!”

    Thanks so much for the suggestions Hasina. I will take your advice. The desk is actually going. I don’t use it and it is just a receptacle for clutter. So time to start putting stuff online to sell/give away.

    Keep the suggestions coming!

  3. Oh my…where do you live? I love to move other people’s homes around! ha

    I don’t subscribe to some minimal lifestyles that it seems that the goal is to just get rid of everything! I like the 100 Thing Challenge to be your personal belongings and not necessarily your bigger household items.

    I think that the goal is to place your belongings in a way that displays visual interest to objects instead a smattering of objects that have no thought out plan. I don’t think it your goal to have someone walk into your place and think you just packed up and are ready to move out! Instead there is a unifying calm feeling to your place. I like the colors in your place and the clean lines with the charcoal carpet.

    Kitchen: Put something interesting on the counter, even if it’s a toaster or blender.

    #2 You could have more function with a night table. I’m not sure what the brown type headboard is. Would like it better without. Hang your twinkle lights somewhere around the window or such, instead of on the floor. I’m sure you like the mood lighting.

    #3 Put the black frame on the bottom shelf as it will ground the other two shelves better.

    4. Edit the pictures on the wall. Too many grouped together and creates too much to look at in one space. Put the one on the left of your bedroom door in your bedroom as it doesn’t fit the style of the others.

    5. Could you put the big couch along the big wall with the round red top table and move the little couch where the big one is? I don’t like walking in your front door and seeing the desk and small items surrounding it. If this were put where the small couch is now, it wouldn’t be such the center of attention. You may put your office stuff where the small couch is now. I don’t think you should put the office in your bedroom as it’s cluttering space when the goal is to sleep! I like your leaning tower of Piza!

    6. Take the two vertical stripes down and leave the wall with just the TV there. Too much. I think the paintings would look better if they were hung with the stripe going horizontally or you could put them in the bedroom horizontally and create a visual of a headboard and get rid of the brown thing. Get rid of small things just sitting on the floor, like the cone.
    7. Hang the red painting above the big couch on the big wall with maybe one smaller black framed photo to the side. Because of the tower on the wall, you should group your wall hangings in 3’s or 5’s for balance. You have the three red items with the chair, picture and table top.

    Get rid of any that doesn’t fit into your minimal plan and is just sitting on the floor!!

    Don’t get rid of the other couch. Hopefully you have visitors and they usually like to sit…

    1. Diane, thank you so much for all you had to say and suggest. I live in Canada on the east coast! I would love for someone with a bit of any eye for this kind of thing to do it with me. okay for me!! I have had my small(but wonderful) apartment configured in every way you have suggested. Of course I had my bigger, non minimalist furniture before I moved in so it came with me. You and Hasina are right about the pictures. I went to Europe last summer so those are my Europe pics but something different needs to be done there. I like having a headboard for some reason. Maybe if it where white…? I did have the red print above my bed. My bedroom is sooo sparse. I do want a minimalist bedroom but not bleak:) So I need help there. Yes the other “couch”. I mean this is the only room I have and when my son comes on weekends he needs somewhere to sit. Hmmm, much thinking to be done.
      The cone goes. The little lights go. I do like the mood lighting. Not that there has been any call for mood lighting lately but that is another story:)

  4. Isn’t it interesting how photos reveal how something looks? I took photos of a former apartment’s bedroom when I lived there and only then realized how bare the walls were!

    I looked through all your photos, came up with ideas, but then found that Hasina and Diane had suggested all my ideas.

    My challenge at home is little things filling a counter or other flat space, so what I do now is clear off a flat space then put one thing on it that I like. My dining table in the apartment’s dining nook has a ceramic red/white striped bowl that stands alone or I put fruit in it.

    A kitchen counter/bar area between the kitchen and living room holds a light green, big bamboo bowl that collects the counter clutter until I can put items away.

    The coffee table is clear apart from a small red bamboo bowl (bought at World Market, by the way – same as the green bowl) that holds the remotes and my current Netflix DVD.

    For wall decor, I have either one big crafty piece/photo/painting or a collection of three or five (odd numbers seem to work best) canvases or frames to make a statement.

    This is how I do minimalistic decor at home.

  5. Oh wow, reading over your post and the replies, I realize how I have such a long way to go! And over the years we have installed or bought mainly ikea wall units or office storage, so I have space to put lots of stuff! I guess for now my goal will be to get as much of my stuff that is out in the open at least put away behind closed doors if it is not something I am ready to get rid of yet!
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Bernice.I love IKEA! But the more stuff a person has the more space and storage we need:) I just want to get a point where I have 100 things or less. Makes it easier to do an extended road trip if I decide to!. Thanks for the comment and your website.

  6. OK Love your blog and your dream…which I share, but minimal does not = no charm… gotta do something about the charm factor!! LOL First suggestion, get rid of that god awful tv and get a tiny flat screen

    1. That IS a tiny flat screen:) Only 42 inches!! I agree about the charm factor. The pics you are viewing are old. Things are different now. Better. Thanks for the comment. If you have any other tips let me know.


  7. After reading you blog and seeing these picks. I realize I have way too much stuff that I know I need to get rid of. Its of a life that I thought I wanted but no longer do but just don’t know how to break up with it.

  8. Reblogged this on perfectomy and commented:
    As I mentioned before I am in an transition in my life in which I am ready to move on and do something else. Which requires me to condense or get rid of my stuff. Which can be hard and difficult at time. I like this post about what your place says about you and how much of this stuff do I need. Whose life are you living with all your stuff. Is it a life you chose for yourself or a life you thought you are suppose to have?

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