And It Is So Easy A Monkey Could Do It

Okay maybe it is just easy enough for me. But I think you will like the idea as well.

minimalist bedroom

As part of yesterday’s post I posed a Minimalist Interior Design Challenge.

I took some pictures of my apartment and asked people to give me their suggestions on what to get rid of and how best to arrange my space for a minimalist interior design.

I had some fantastic feedback and suggestions. So thanks to Diane and Hasina(author of the excellent minimalist blog fabulissime)

I will be sure to incorporate their awesome suggestions into my minimalist interior design.

You ever notice when rearranging a room you get frustrated? There is too much stuff. You should try it in a super small space!

I have certainly played the rearranging game here. I cried. Not really but you feel my pain, right?

This is where the best minimalist interior design idea comes in.

I came across this: Everything You Own In A Photo.

Check out the slide show. I found it fascinating. Look at all the stuff some families are trying to cram into their living space.

And notice the lack of stuff that some other families have. Are they less happy? Well, it is hard to gauge that by a photo. But I bet they are happy. They have what they need.

It is a new book by photographer Peter Menzel and his wife, Faith D’Aluisio.

So it got me to thinking(yes it happens sometimes!); What would a photo of ALL MY STUFF look like? What would yours look like?

I am going to do it. And yes I will be taking a photo of my stuff on display out in my driveway or yard. And then the best minimalist design idea comes into play.

First of all I am only allowing 100 Things(max) to come back in
to my apartment.

Second it gives me a blank canvas to work with.

This gives you another great chance to give me some ideas on interior designs.

My minimalist lifestyle cannot support items that take up space for no good reason. I get joy from my photos, so some will stay.

You can see my minimalist apartment photos here.

Living a minimalist lifestyle is not just about getting rid of all your stuff. For me it is also about realizing what is important. It is about not having physical clutter or mental clutter.

So I would love your minimalist interior design ideas.

I really want this to get out to as many people as possible.

The only way this message reaches other people is if you share it. Facebook and Twitter are a great place to start, but there are a million and one ways.


“Live Simply”


5 thoughts on “The Best Minimalist Interior Design Idea. Ever.

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Mark! I checked out the “Everything you own in a photo” slideshow. I’m a bit embarrassed just thinking about the state of my front yard if I did this project. I still have a long way to go.

    1. Well thanks to you as well for posting my pics on your blog. Oh it has really got me in a state! Like I say, what a pile of crap! Why did I buy ANY of this stuff?!
      So a lot of it won’t be coming back in. I’ll just have to give it away if it doesn’t sell. The funny thing is I just want it gone! Yes a long way to go.
      Everett BougeFar Beyond The Stars) sent me an email offering his assistance with The 100 Thing Challenge. I may have to take him up on that!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I read a story a long time ago that sticks in my head…it was about some small town, I think in Mexico, where a big business set up shop and hired all the locals, who were simple folks, used to living off the land. Every family went to work for this company, put in their 8 hours a day, and happily went home. No one cared about getting ahead or putting in overtime. They were content with what they had, and glad for the luxury of having extra money.

    Well, the company wanted more out of the people, so they sent everyone a Sears catalog. People got to see all the stuff they “lacked” in life, and suddenly they were eager to work overtime and get promoted for a raise in pay. They now work long hours and are never content. Ha-ha… Moral of the story?

    1. Love it! Every commercial or ad is about something I do not have and MUST have(in the mind of the advertiser) or is about some fictional problem(“do you wake up tired in the morning?” You need ….)
      The less stuff I have the better my life becomes.
      Thanks for commenting!

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