And How It Holds You Back

I recently read a blog post by a very popular minimalist blogger(it was on Zen Habits!) who put forth a few minimalist living steps.

Tips to help people live a minimalist lifestyle.

One of the tips was to keep asking why.

I disagree. I feel that this is the worst question you can ask yourself.

Why is your life the way that it is for example? Well to me, it screams of both regret and of not wanting to take responsibility for the actions and choices you have made. It is the type of question that someone who blames others and makes excuses would ask.

A minimalist lifestyle would not include these things. You have accepted things for what they are. Minimalist living is about positive choices now.

What am I going to do today to help further becoming minimalist. You can see some suggestions for being a minimalist here.

My own minimalist living does not have time for why. I have asked this in the past in certain situations, and when I think back, it did not help me in dealing with the situation.

The why, in my opinion, just doesn’t matter. What is more important is how you are going to respond and deal with any given situation.

Unhappy with your finances or debt? Come up with a plan.

Unhappy with your current job? Time to move on.

Personal life got you down? Get out there and find some like minded people to connect with and re-energize yourself.

Feel as though life is passing you by? Slow down and take a break.

Asking why in any of these situations is backwards thinking. It serves no purpose.

Deal with your situation now.

This is just facet of living a minimalist lifestyle.

“Live Simply”

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3 thoughts on “The Worst Question You Can Ask For Minimalist Living

  1. Great point Mark! It’s much like the quote I found years ago that says, ‘You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal’. The minute you start taking action to change something, instead of looking back and wondering why…why..why… you are making progress. The value of the past is learning from our mistakes and moving on…not dwelling on why, how, what we should of/could of done.

    1. Very good insight Diane! The blog post I referred to was actually saying to ask why when we want to buy something or have a bigger house etc. But I still think it better to be moving forward like you say. If we keep looking back over our shoulders we will trip or run into something:)
      Great comment on your part!

  2. I see…that too…the why’s of a bigger house, more cars, more stuff. I found myself wanting just that, more house. Now I see that it’s ridiculous. I have sufficient for our needs and I am now working on making it even better. Better, with less. It’s really brought me alot of peace and taken me off that skewed thinking that is driven by our crazy world!

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