Your Life Can Be A Do-Over

Has your life turned out the way you wanted it to? The way you expected it to?

You are debt free. Travel when you want. Saving money. Happy, healthy relationship with your partner and everyone else in your life. All kinds of time to do the things you love to do.

Or does your life suck? Tough question but be honest!!

Are you the person who bitches and complains about working 40+ hours per week, plus the commute, plus all the cleaning up you have to do. Blah, blah, blah. Here is a newsflash. Maybe you need to rethink your priorities. If you have kids, when do they ever see you? People brag about how busy they are like they want a medal for not spending time with their kids. Like they are a hero. What they really need is to give their head a shake.

“I need to work to pay all the bills.” Yeah like the car to get you to work(plus insurance and gas) and the house you cannot afford and the cell phone plans and all the damn crap you keep buying! And this includes all the stuff you buy your kids to compensate for not seeing them. Guilt is a bitch isn’t it?

What exactly did you expect anyway?

As a former teacher I would always shake my head at the students who would be picking courses to set themselves up for a certain course of study in university. They are going to get this great job and make ALL THIS MONEY. Never mind that they did not really like these courses or have a passion for the career they think they want.

They have no idea about student loans, taxes, or bills. They are going to spend all this money on stuff and not be able to pay for it. Then they have to keep working at a job they don’t really like to pay for all this crap.

Oh yeah a lot of people(not everyone) marry someone that they are not even really compatible with so the marriage sucks. You don’t do anything together, never talk. No fun, no passion.

You made the wrong choices. You did what your parents did. Everyone does it. We are conditioned to follow this path. And not too many are happy with their lives. I hear it every day and see it when I observe people out in public.

Your life sucks. Deal with it.

Come up with a plan to get out of your crappy job.

Sell as much of your useless crap as you can and pay off as many bills and debt as possible. Sell your house that you cannot afford to pay for. Downsize. Sell your cars.

Stop buying stuff. I mean come on, you just don’t need it. Whatever it is, you don’t need it!

Just walk away from your life. I mean it. Why keep living a life that does not make you happy? It makes no sense to me. Cut your expenses and spending so you can work less. Keep doing this until you can live the life you want.

Are you going to just keep plodding along in this life until the end? No!

Make some changes. I am living proof that it can be done. I walked out of the school I was teaching in after a kid told me to f off. This was a weekly occurrence. Literally walked out the door. Now maybe I should have handled that differently. Friendships have suffered because of it.

All I know is that my minimalist lifestyle has made me happier than ever before. I have the luxury of making my own schedule.

And it isn’t rocket science. You think you’re stuck! You’re not. Walk away. Your life can be a do-over.

Do it. Make your life NOT suck.

“Live Simply”

And don’t forget to share this article. Imagine if everyone knew this? We could maybe actually change the world.


5 thoughts on “Does Your Life Suck? Deal With It!

  1. My life actually doesn’t suck, but it has it’s moments! We have definitely have had our ups and downs, but seem to come out the other side better people, having learned from our experiences. I have completely changed the view of my future to make room for that which I feel is more important. In many ways my life hasn’t turned out as planned, but in other ways it has. I’m holding on to the ways that it has and capitalizing on that in the future years. I don’t think anyone feels that their lives are exactly as planned. But the changing is important…we do have the power to change!

    I do not want to plod along, especially if it of my own doing!

    I conscientiously work to keep my life freed up

    1. Yes I will admit that this was somewhat of a harsh post on my part. I wanted to get people’s attention. Especially younger folks who feel that they can spend their way to happiness without thinking about the consequences. I hear so many people complaining about their lives. Well they need to look in the mirror and start making some changes.
      Thanks for you insight Diane and thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. I hear you. I have kids that I’m feeding that message too. There is an air of entitlement that is prevalent and I believe in a lot of ways it comes from well-meaning parents that took away consequences…making things rosy for their kids. Kids haven’t learned that the buck stops here! It’s just the way of society and myself and most every parent I know stands guilty. Life was good and thought we were doing our kids favors by making their lives easier. It’s only when you take hold and rely on yourself to make things work that you start getting it!

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