Just a quick update to the Minimalist Interior Design Challenge.

As some followers have read, I took pretty much everything out of my apartment and piled it all in the front yard.
You can see the pictures and read the post here.

This is part of an ongoing process to reduce clutter, get organized and get down to 100 Things(or less).

I sold a bunch of stuff of Saturday and made over 100.00$ in about 2 hours. So that felt pretty good. Some stuff I did not sell was put out by the curb with a FREE sign by it. It was all gone in a few hours.

It was not easy to whittle my things down. I am sure I still have over 100 personal items, so I still have a ways to go.

I will still be looking for input from readers on a minimalist interior design strategy. What to do with my framed photographs for example.

simple platform bed

I also have always wanted a simple platform bed. One where the actual platform is larger than the mattress. But I am on a no spend initiative, so I won’t be buying anything!

Becoming a minimalist and embracing a minimalist lifestyle has helped me to simplify my life. Having a minimalist interior design gives me more room in my tiny minimalist apartment, keeps me organized and actually gives me peace of mind.

So this update is just to let you know that pictures will be posted in the next day or two and you can help me out then.


“Live Simply”


3 thoughts on “Minimalist Interior Design Update 2

  1. One of favorite rooms I ever had was a queen mattress on the floor. Yep. Just on the floor. No need for bedside tables. Use the floor. You can just put a large tray beside your bed to hold a lamp or drink or whatever. I had a space off my room that was just mine and I got all of these old lounge cushions someone was throwing away. I got pieces of fabric from the second hand shop and just covered them all in different fabrics. i didn’t even sew the covers. I just wrapped and tucked them. I had somewhere to spawl out when reading or listening to music and all of my friends loved it. Yep. so much can be donw without. My coffee table was an old chest that literally fell of someones truck I was following one day. They were on the way to the dump. I stopped to help and I ended up putting this wonderful old trunk in my car and then I had a cofffee table and storage all in one. Cheers, Wendy

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