I first came across this incredible and thought provoking video on the wonderful blog fabulissme.

I am posting it here as well. It is 10 minutes in length and I find so fascinating that I recommend having a pen and paper at the ready to jot down your thoughts as you watch it.

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So many thought provoking statistics and insights are mentioned.

If people could be given another day they would use it to work more. Not be with their children or family or friends or to rest.

As a person who has been in schools as a teacher and now as a substitute teacher I find it interesting what is mentioned about the education system. Personally I think the education system is teaching us to fail. School is boring.

As a person who has become a minimalist I have no time to look back. The past is gone. Why relive and rehash certain events. Even good times. Think of the Bruce Springsteen song Glory Days. I am just not sure that thinking back does anything for you right now.

The same is true for looking to the future. I suppose it gives people a certain amount of comfort to think they are planning ahead for certain things. But so much can change between now and then.

Why not use the time you have now to be happy today? To experience more. To learn more. I believe that a minimalist lifestyle can help you to do that.

Minimalist living is about priorities and figuring out what is truly important to you right now.

The past is gone. Tomorrow may not come.

Choose to be happy now. Choose to live a more simple life. A life where you can enjoy your family and friends and have time for yourself. Chasing money is a fool’s game. A materialist or consumerist mindset does not make you happy.

Certainly it is not working 45 or more hours a week that you strive for. So what is the answer?

I believe in my heart that the answer lies in adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

We need a Minimalist Revolution if people are going to get out from under their crushing personal debt loads and stop living paycheck to paycheck. This will also make families stronger as they have more time to do more things together.

So what “time zone” do you live in? And please share your thoughts in the comments section.

What “Time Zone” Do You Live In?

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“Live Simply”


2 thoughts on “A Fascinating Look At The Powers Of Time And Minimalist Living

  1. Wow. I loved that animation. Really made me think about the world. I’m already on board for a minimalist lifestyle and am in the process of selling everything I own to travel, but this really made me think on a whole new level.

    I definitely choose to be happy today. I do not understand the concept about sacrificing my entire life for a day that may never come when I may retire or go to heaven. Am I greedy for wanting it now? Everyone sure does make me feel that way. They all tell me how “lucky” I am… it’s not luck. It’s a choice. I choose to live simply, do things that make me happy today, and spend money on experiences rather than things. Don’t hate me because in 50 years you’ll regret not making the same choices I did to live the life you always wanted. Drives me bonkers.

    I also think that the traditional schools of the past will always teach our students to fail unless they make some big changes. The school system failed me in many ways. For those reasons I know that if I have children, they will not go to public school.

    1. Yeah the animation is awesome.

      So true. And you make such a good point in regards to people making you feel guilty for wanting to experience life now. When people are close to the end of their lives what will they be wishing they had done? Worked more?? I don’t think so!

      I taught school yesterday(substitute). And kids were working on cursive writing. Are you kidding me. It is 2010.
      Yes I am feeling the pull of exotic lands. I need to travel as well. Good luck and I’ll be following your blog!

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