One Of The Easiest Ways To Save Money

Little things can make a huge difference. Do 10 or 20 push ups a day and see what happens.

We have certain beliefs that we just accept. We don’t even bother to question them. It is the way things have always been done so we feel that it must be right.

I was listening to a radio show about how difficult it is to change ingrained beliefs even when hard data is staring people right in the face. It was about questioning entrenched medical practices.

And it got me thinking. What do we just accept as absolute truth from an everyday living perspective? What are things we do because that is what everyone else does, so it must be right.

600 years ago the earth was flat. That was accepted. Seems strange doesn’t it?

Today it is accepted to live beyond your means, accumulate a bunch of stuff, have thousands of dollars in debt and have someone raise your kids while you work 45 or more hours each week. Everyone else does it so it must be the right thing to do.

At least 60% of households are one paycheck away from financial trouble. Miss one paycheck and things would be bad. And this is across all income levels.

So despite barely having enough money to pay the bills I bet a lot of these households have something in common.

Cable television.

Want to know how to save money? Cancel your cable. Today.

You are paying for something that is usually not in use. And when it is in use we spend 4 hours a day watching it. People say they just don’t have time for stuff. Think again.

So let’s say that at 70$ per month you spend $840.00 per year on something that takes time away from other more entertaining pursuits and that encourages you to go out and spend more money. (This is the only purpose of television by the way. To sell you stuff)

Multiply the 840.00$ by how many years of life you have left. I’ll say I have 40 years left(hey I hope it’s more but you never know!). That is $33 600.00 for me. What if I invested that 70.00 monthly at 7%. In 40 years, with compound interest, I would have 180,000.00 dollars.

You can do your own calculations here.

Just cancel your cable. One of the easiest ways to save money.

What I find most interesting is how reluctant people are to do this. They argue about it and rationalize having cable. They can’t make their monthly payments but they will justify that expense.

You have accepted that you absolutely need cable television.

You believe that your life will be somehow meaningless without it.

Here is a newsflash. Your life will be better.You will get more done. You will lose weight. You will go more places. You will experience more.

You know that canceling your cable is the right thing to do.

But I like tv . My kids would kill me.

Of course you like TV. I like it, too. It’s a distraction that creates a fantasy world you can live in, even if for just a little bit. It takes you to a place where dreams can seem real and all our problems go away.

I like beer, but when the beer is gone real life is still waiting for me.

Sit the kids down and go over the numbers with them. And if they want cable, they can pay for it.

Never mind the fact that you can download shows the day after they air or watch them live on the internet.

Life is for living. Not for watching pretend life on a 40 inch screen and wishing your life was like that.

The earth is not flat and you do not need cable television.

Cancel your cable and save money. Life will go on and it will be better.

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“Live Simply”


9 thoughts on “How To Save $100,000 Today

  1. Great post. my husband and I do not have TV at all. We do have a big screen and we do watch movies hired from the store usually once a week for a movie night at home. Sometimes twice if there are a few new movies we want to watch. We have no need to go to the movies and pay the ridiculous price they charge and spend extra money on popcorn. If there is something I want to watch I do like you say and watch it on the net the week after. This is rare. This is easier for us as we don’t buy into newspapers and magazines etc so we simply do not think we are missing out on something.

    I find it funny when someone asks me what I think of an advertisement. Not a show but an advert. I love the look on peoples faces when we tell them we don’t have TV. Usually the first thing asked is how do we know what is going on in the world. I have the internet. I can find out whatever I want from that. I also use blogs for that. The comments on some posts can tell you a lot about what the ordinary person sees happening in their neck of the woods. Newspapers, TV news and all that – just lie. It is biased. It always will be.

    And also – why do people want to completely overload themselves with negative is beyond me.

    Anyway – great post – I could write for ages on this topic.

    Cheers, Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I so agree with what you are saying. The news is typically negative so why bother with it? And it is biased based on the conglomerate that owns the television station. Waste of my time. Who cares what some celebrity had for breakfast:) And yes there may be the odd movie my son and I will go to the theater for but I am okay with staying in and watching something rented or downloaded on my big screen. thanks so much for commenting.

  2. Mark,

    You have a nice, smooth writing style. That alone should earn you a lot of readers.

    Your post was introduced to me via a friend on Facebook. She is also a minimalist, at least somewhat so.

    You know, I don’t think most of the people thought the earth was flat back then. But your point is made.

    I will see if I can revert to minimalist cable, if you will. I would like to see some TV, I think. Or can I live without TV altogether. Maybe. I should give it a try. I will.

    But it’s not just TV. How about buying a new car every four years? That needs to be stopped too to achieve simplicity, right? I’d like to sell our house. That would be problematic right now as there are so few buyers. Maybe next year?

    Thanks for your fine article. I am sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

    1. Thanks very much for the comment. Yup the new car thing is a problem people seem to have. They think of a vehicle as an investment when really it is an expense.

      I certainly still enjoy some shows but find myself watching them online.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing the articles.


  3. Just stumbled upon Minimalist Lifestyle today..what I’ve read so far is great!!!
    I am a baby minimalist (as of the beginning of 2011). I’ve read alot of stuff on voluntary simplicity but this!…feels like home.
    I have a BIG problem at my house-it’s called …the TELEVISION!….my husband is a television addict and I can’t stand it. The only time I turn it on is to check out the weather network . I think it’s such a HUGE waste of time. My two teenage sons are not tv watchers. When they were small I got them to highlight the shows that they wanted to see in the tv guide-no more than an hour a day tops! If it was nice outside they would forget about their show(s) completely. But my husband watches it for hours on end, sometimes two shows simultaneously….since reading alot of blogs on minimalism, I have really lost the urge to watch . I’m too busy purging STUFF out of my home and my life. You know what I find to be disturbing? The people who stand around discussing all those ‘Reality Shows”…. shouldn’t we be LIVING life instead of watching someone live a fake life on tv?

  4. I like the concept, however, if I only have 40 years left and cancel cable (my form of cheap family entertainment), I won,t be alive to enjoy the $180,000. I think I will look for a similar wasting of my money such as eating out or the lack of a menu!

  5. Love this article and I can not agree more. Im an force to pay $40 a month for cable that I really dont need or use (its part of my lease)
    I watch TV, ect thru my computer, when I want to and with no commercials.
    Most people dont know that you can buy for less then $10 a digital antenna and watch local cable. Most local channel are FREE on digital. I did this for 2 years before moving to this apartment.

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