Are You Ready For The Things You Say You Want

If you do want you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten

So you want to make some changes in your life. Maybe you are interested in a minimalist lifestyle. You want more time for you and your family. You want less debt and less worry. You want less clutter and more space.

Well becoming minimalist can certainly help you in these areas. And it will give you some inner peace. Some time to reflect on life and on the things that are truly important to you.

So how do you go about achieving these changes? Well you have to start listening to the most important person you know.


Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t ask for some advice from your parents or your best friend. And if you have a partner you should certainly be discussing important issues with them.

But who knows you better than anyone? You do. So why shouldn’t you listen to your inner voice.

Your inner voice, internal speech, or stream of consciousness is thinking in words. It also refers to the semi-constant internal monologue one has with oneself at a conscious or semi-conscious level.

You need to grab hold of your life and start believing that you can make effective changes. And how you talk to yourself is very important.

Follow the 3 P’s. Personal, Present and Positive.

“I’m having a great day!” is different from “It’s going to be a great day.” The second example makes me ask, “When?”

Start talking to yourself in a positive manner. You are a great person with lots to offer!

When thinking about making changes that will lead you to living a minimalist lifestyle understand that it okay to take baby steps. Start small. Chances are that these changes will snowball and lead to bigger changes. Maybe you will want to undertake your own 100 Thing Challenge.

Maybe you will decide to completely re-do your life. Start listening to your inner voice. It knows the right path for you to take. For me it is the path of a minimalist lifestyle. I have more freedom,more time, more money. I have less stuff, less clutter and no debt. My inner voice led me here. I listened to my inner voice and started believing in myself. I knew that minimalist living was the right thing to do.

Anything is possible. Want to travel the world? You can do this. Start your own business. You can do this. Work half as many hours as you do now? Yes it is possible.

It all starts with what your inner voice is telling you. “That’s crazy” or “You can’t do that!” or “Your just a dreamer” are all inner dialogues that will have you burying your head in the sand and ignoring your true desires.

“I am making positive changes in my life.”
“I have everything that I need.”

A minimalist lifestyle is all about less is more. It is also about possibilities. The possibilities for your life to become whatever you want it to be.

Listen to yourself. You are the best friend you could ever hope for.

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