So many people worry about what they do for a living. Their job. Students worry about. They think they are going to go to school, get a degree, get a great job and make oodles of cash. Never mind that a lot of them will be tens of thousands of dollars in debt just to get this wondrous degree.

They don’t really know about starting at the bottom in a career. They don’t understand about “net income”. They just think about how much stuff they can buy.

People in a job want to move up the career ladder and they certainly need the next raise. Of course the raise is spent long before they get it.

In the past I have been on a couple of dating sites. There is a field to fill in your “occupation”. Why does this matter? I am trying to find someone I connect with. What difference does it make what their job is? Am I not compatible with a production worker or a grocery clerk? It says a lot about our society that this is even a field that MUST be filled in when looking for a partner.

I want to know what makes them tick. What do they care about? What do they do that makes a difference?

Who are you?

How much time did you spend interacting with your partner today?

Does your partner like you as a person? Do you like them?

How much time did you spend with your kids? Or do you farm them out to someone else?

Is it just me or are most people full of crap? They sit around watching useless shows on cable and…well what else do they do? For enjoyment? For fun?

So are you passionate about anything? I am sure you are! Rediscover it!

The thing about your job is that there is someone who can replace you in doing it. Don’t think that there isn’t. Who cares about the degrees and the job titles? I certainly don’t. There is so much more to people than that. Gosh, I hope there is!

Maybe from now on if people ask me what I do for work I may answer drug dealer, or adult film director, just to see what happens! It should be good for a laugh.

Anyway, the point is you are not your job and your job is not you. Do something with your family and your friends. Get away from the damn television. Read, go for a walk, volunteer, paint, create something, coach a team.

Be passionate about something.

“Live Simply”


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Purpose In Life?

  1. It’s funny how defined we are by what we do. Last year I stopped being a “graphic designer/editor” and became someone who “works from home”. When people ask the inevitable question I can see their eyes glaze over as soon as I say, “I have websites”. Now when people ask I just say I work from home. They usually don’t ask for more and probably assume I’m unemployed!

    I like your idea. Maybe I’ll have to start calling myself a drug dealer too.

    Enjoyed the post!

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