The Chevrolet Volt? As 2011 North American Auto Show Car Of the Year? There is more corruption here than the IOC.

I mean really??!! This has got to be rigged. This car needs the press I guess. What an over priced piece of garbage. How do these vehicles actually get green lighted to be made? Don’t believe the hype people!

While the much-ballyhooed Volt is just now rolling into select U.S. markets, it won’t be in Canadian Chevy showrooms until summer. My advice: Skip it. Yes, the Volt is a potential game changer. Yes, a commuter could go weeks without ever needing to pull into a gas station given that the Volt has a range of more than 60 km in electric mode. But the bottom line is the bottom line. And the Volt’s price tag makes this pseudo E-car a brutal buy.

You will have to have a special outlet installed on your house for this thing. Yes you may get a rebate but that depends on where you live. The new Elantra from Hyundai will get near hybrid mileage at a fraction of the cost and will be better quality than this domestic piece of crap.

Do the math: While GM Canada hasn’t officially announced prices yet, south of the border, the base MRSP of the Volt is a somewhat shocking US$41,000. To put that in perspective, consider that the similarly-sized (and gas-sipping) Chevrolet Cruze is $14,995 (Canadian funds). That means the price differential between these two Chevrolets is more than $26,000 (taxes in). Let me reframe it for you:

$26,000+ buys a lot of gasoline over the lifetime of a car. Thus, if you really want Chevy’s whiz-bang electric technology, you’ll pay dearly to be a trailblazer. And remember how much a VCR cost back when those gadgets debuted in the late ’70s? Patience, people, patience.


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