“With great power comes great responsibility”

If you have started a movement and have a number of followers, then I feel that you owe it to them to explain yourself and your rationale for certain decisions.

There is a particular successful minimalist blogger who has apparently decided to change his way of thinking and no longer support the minimalist lifestyle movement.

I am a bit disappointed in the way it was done. I enjoyed this person’s blog and writing and now he has up and changed his mind on a number of fronts. I am not suggesting that a person cannot change their way of thinking. Of course they can.

But this blogger seems to be now crapping on people who want to continue to follow a minimalist lifestyle.

It was “cool for a while”, and now he is on the next flavor of the day.

Of course he still wants you to BUY his ebook on minimalist living for 19.00$.

I don’t think so.

A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. It may not be THE ANSWER to certain problems that people face.

But I still feel that the minimalist lifestyle I have chosen is best for me. I see and hear so many people who have to put purchases on credit card. They have little or no savings. And yet they continue to talk about buying things that they absolutely do not need.

Find a lifestyle that works for you and your family.

If you happen to have a successful minimalist blog you owe it to your followers to explain yourself.


17 thoughts on “Fickle Minimalists

  1. I believe I know the blog you are talking about…becoming a maximalist. Not sure. Either way I agree with you. The principles found within the minimalist movement are sound principles for better living. Any lifestyle of excess living will bring you a feeling of emptiness at some point. Learning to be happy with what you have and appreciating life’s small joys is key to true joy.

    1. Not sure if we are thinking of the same blog. But I certainly agree with what you have to say about simple living. You don’t HAVE to live with 100 Things or less or throw out your TV etc. etc. to be considered a minimalist. Just be a conscious consumer and realize that you can live with less and be very content in the process. Thanks for the comment Diane!

  2. I completely agree. I DO know which blog / blogger you are referring to and I’m disappointed in their f&*k minimalism post/video/website. While I do agree it is perfectly fine for someone to grow and change their minds and therefore, their lifestyles…being a major player/blogger in the minimalist movement, I feel they should be held to a higher standard than “well I went off the grid for a year, now it’s time to try something different.” No all minimalist (or those trying to apply minimalist ways) will go to the extreme this blogger did, I feel it really hurts the “message” of minimalism, non-consumerism, frugality, living below your means “lifestyle” to simple up and “dis” it once you’ve made your $$ selling your e-books PROMOTING the lifestyle.

    **jumps off her soapbox now**

    thanks for the great post!

  3. Everett’s new site and post pissed me off. I was also left with the feeling that minimalism is no longer the cash cow it once was for him and he’s off to find fresh material for his blog and cultivate a new crop of loyal readers. Your blog post was written much nicer than mine on the same topic.

  4. I read a recent post of his, it might have been the last post, I’m not sure. In the post I read, he sounded very conflicted and emotional. I didn’t follow his blog, it never quite “grabbed” me the way other sites have. So I’m not surprised by his about-face. However, like you, I am a bit offended that he’s basically said…and this is not a direct quote, only my take on what he said…piss on minimalists, but please continue to support me (and my “cyborg” lifestyle) by buying my book about what I no longer believe about minimalism.

    1. Yes it certainly seemed that way didn’t it. I have no problem with a person changing viewpoints or evolving in their way of thinking. It was just the way it was done that rubbed me the wrong way.

      Thanks for the comment:)

  5. I’m not sure what to think about Everett, but his pronouncement is not the end of the minimalist movement (I wonder if he thought it would). However, you keep doing what you’re doing. You’re on the right track for you and are sharing it with like-minded souls. That’s the important thing.

  6. I am searching for my son – Everett Bogue – he has cut off all contact with his family, took off without even a goodbye while I was out shopping with his sister, after staying two nights following he and his girlfriend (Gwen Bell) arriving from Berlin with no money. He no longer has a phone, does not respond to my e-mails, nor his five younger brothers or sisters e-mails, he shut down his Diaspora account 10/18 after two negative comments regarding his “consulting” tactics re Bitcoin, the newest “unmonitored” internet technologies and the gift economy. He was extremely thin when I saw him for two brief evenings in mid August. I worry that he is not well. To all those who followed his minimalist blogging and have supported him in the past, I would like you to know that he does have a large and loving family that does not want to see him living on the street or sitting still so as to not use up energy as he awaits donations with which to buy food. If you should see him in Boulder, please drop me a note at wordclues@yahoo.com. I would like to drive there and try to make contact with him. I am in agreement with much of the discussion above – Everett must be going through a very conflicted period in life. His mom and siblings welcome him home for dinner – man can he make a great kale stir-fry – and face-to-face conversation. Approaching people with empathy does not allow one to cut them off, and unfortunately Everett appears to have done that with his family, as well as many others. We’re not minimalists, but only one car – mom’s a teacher – sibs are all in college working retail jobs. I’m not too tech savvy, so don’t know how else to get this word out there – but his mom loves him and is really, reallly worried about him.

      1. Thank you very much for your time, perhaps someone in the blogging/tech community has seen or spoken with him recently. I would just like to know he is healthy. Chris

    1. I saw him and Gwen in Boulder today from afar. I can’t attest to the fact they’re healthy, but they seem to be doing ok. I think they hang out at the Yellow Deli in Boulder often.

  7. Chris, it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of your son but taking off on your family isn’t right. If there’s some conflict between all of you, then he should at least look you in the eye and say so.

    He appears to be posting here: https://evbogue.tent.is/
    And here’s Gwen: https://gwenbell.tent.is/

    I can’t speak for his physical condition or location as I am not in Colorado, but that looks like a good place to start trying to contact him. His posts previously do imply that he’s been frequenting Pearl Street–you might try looking in any place that serves high end tea.

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