There is a commercial playing on Canadian television right now for a certain no fee bank. One person will say something like, “I want to pay off my mortgage faster “, and his friend will reply with, “If you want to pay off your mortgage faster, then pay off your mortgage faster.”

I rather like this.

How many times have your said something like this? Not necessarily about banking, or a mortgage, but about anything.

I really want to lose weight. Then lose weight.

I really want to make more money. Then make more money.

And so on.

And don’t think that I have not fallen into this trap at times as well.

Changes don’t just happen. You have to make them happen. It takes effort. And time. And motivation. And a bunch of other stuff.

But YOU are the only one who can make these changes.

It you are unhappy with your certain aspects of your life make the changes needed until you are on the path to being satisfied.

Maybe you need to evaluate your personal core values. Why are you unsatisfied?

Could it be that the media has gotten into your head and you now believe that your life is supposed to be a certain way?

You have to drive a particular vehicle. Have a certain sized house. Be a particular size.

Maybe it is just okay to be more realistic about expectations. Realistic about what life is okay to be.

Make happen what you want to have happen. Come up with a plan and get to work.

So what areas of your life would you like to make improvements in? Please share in the comments.

“Live Simply


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