How Much Clothing Do I Need?

I like clothes. I like looking well kept. I enjoy looking good when I go out in public. I am not saying I am a fashion trendsetter!

I have a pretty simple fashion style. Jeans and t shirt. Sometimes a dress shirt with a pull over sweater vest and jeans.

Since I started my new factory job a couple of weeks ago I have come to realize that I have not even opened my closet. I wear cargo work pants and a breathable black t shirt to work. I have many black t shirts!

When I am home it is jeans and a t shirt. That’s it. I suppose if I was going somewhere special I would break out a dress shirt.

Am I missing something?

I just like to keep things simple.

So do I have too much stuff? I don’t really think so. There really is no clutter to worry about. I am not overwhelmed by stuff or the feeling that I have too many articles of clothing.

I wonder how many different items of clothing the average person actually wears per week.

We all have our favorite clothes that we tend to wear(maybe too much?).

Well maybe it is time to look around and see what I can to to become a bit more organized. Is there anything I can do without?

What’s in your closet?

“Live Simply


8 thoughts on “Minimalist Lifestyle Clothing Needs

  1. I am currently in my 7th month of The Great American Apparel Diet, so I’ve been quite deeply entrenched in analyzing my clothing choices over the years. This has completely changed my view of how I’ll purchase clothes in the future.

    It sounds like you’ve made some clothing choices that fit your lifestyle, you feel good in and work well with each other. I think that’s key. It’s not the amount of clothes that you have at all.

    The ongoing rules of the diet are:
    1. Don’t ever buy anything because it’s on sale. Don’t buy it unless you would pay full price for it.
    2. Don’t buy anything you don’t try on first.
    3. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit you at that moment.
    4. Don’t buy anything on impulse – it’s usually all wrong.
    5. Don’t buy it unless you have two things in your closet that will pair nicely with it.
    6. Don’t buy it if you’re not comfortable in it right now.
    7. Don’t buy it because it’s ‘in’, instead buy it because it’s magical.
    8. Buy local if you can.

    A few of those don’t apply to guys. I can’t imagine my husband buying an article of clothes because it’s magical! But you catch the drift.

    I like to keep things simple too.

  2. I’m taking the 333 challenge. 33 articles of clothing for 3 months. My problem is not to pare down to 33 items but to challenge myself to wear more than my usual 10 outfits or so. I have a definite uniform of jeans and long sleeved t-shirts with an occasional sweater. I’m trying to amp up the style factor a little.

    1. I hear you! I wear jeans and t-shirts 80% of the time. And now that I am no longer teaching school I don’t ever wear my Dockers. Again I certainly try to look very presentable when I go out. A friend JUST emailed random photos of people at a certain large retailer and what they wear in public. OH MY GOSH!. They are so funny and pathetic at the same time. Asses hanging out of short shorts. One woman had NO SHIRT OR BRA ON! She had her breasts tucked into her stretch pants. Not kidding!

  3. i just chucked out 10 tops and 2 pairs of trousers, my issue is buying stuff i like the thought of, that i think i should wear or would look cool. but never end up wearing, because it doesn’t actually look as i want it to. so some of the tops i let go, i loved but i didn’t wear much because they didn’t make me feel good. i get a bit stressed by not being able to find what i like so am trying to get down to a more sensible amount of clothes, and eliminate things that don’t make me feel confident.

    1. “That I think I should wear:. Yup I fall victim to that as well. I’m 40 and I should be wearing certain clothes that say I’m grown up. So I buy stuff and it isn’t really “me”.
      Thanks for the comment!

      1. regarding your last reply: i think you’re delightful just the way you are. i’m 65 yrs old, soon to be 66 and i should probably have the tight little blue perm and granny shoes of some kind. but i don’t! i prefer to be neat and clean and comfortable. those are my only criteria. and you know what? we are NEVER really grown up! it’s the biggest secret of all.

  4. Since I am single, not dating, and work at home as an artist who gets clay and ink all over; I live in jeans and t’s, hoodies if cold. Occasionally if I have to dress up it is always black to showcase my jewelry. Simple, don’t need to think about it and cheap!

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