We buy stuff. Too much stuff. Stuff we do not need.

Does every kid need a cell phone AND a laptop AND an Ipod?

Do parents get these items for their kids just to shut them up so they do not have to interact with their own children? And then we wonder why a lot of kids are just walking around with their heads down sending 5000 texts a month.

Where does it all come from?

How is it made?

What resources and people have been exploited in the making of cell phones. Ipods, laptops, or even T-shirts?

Does the government REALLY have our best interest at heart? Or are they more concerned with the well being of large corporations?

Isn’t it interesting that a lot of minimalist bloggers tout the benefits of their Macbook Pro and Ipod Touch. They travel a lot apparently. What is the environmental impact of all this travel?

If a person were a true minimalist would they not explore the impact of all these electronic devices and all that travel?

Watch this video and please comment.

“Live Simply”


12 thoughts on “What Is The Impact Of Consumerism?

  1. This seems to have struck a chord and really put the wind up the capitalist community. So much so they commissioned their own four part rebuttal on YouTube, which I won’t add link juice to.

    The thought of more people living a minimalist or frugal existence scares the hell out of these self-obsessed merchants of greed.

    We can vote with our wallet. Buy less. Consume less. Love more. Be happy 🙂

    Great blog Mark.

  2. Thank you for the eye opener..I am saddened by what is going on in the destruction of our world and am trying to do my part in helping..I recycle and donate..in every situation I can..Thank you for the wonderful video..I have passed it on to spread the word and your video is one of the best I have seen..

  3. It’s true! Today, Governments are blinded by huge profits, whether direct or indirect and they have no genuine interest whatsoever in the well-being of its people and country. What they need to do is place checks in every domain to ensure that the nature is not compromised and people are safe and healthy.

      1. Agreed. That goes for Democrats AND Republicans. In the twenty five years I’ve been on this earth, I can honestly say I’ve seen no difference between having a Republican or a Democrat in power. All they really seem to care about is staying in power.

  4. One of the most dangerous, damaging things we ever did as a country was decide to declare corporations people for legal purposes, giving them all the rights, and none of the responsibilities. I can’t help but wonder if we’ve gone insane. Repealing this legislation wouldn’t fix the problem, but it would be a good-faith action, and a decent start. Of course, I doubt this will happen, as its not in the government’s best interest, or at least they don’t think it is.

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