Internet Addiction

One of the reasons behind living a minimalist lifestyle is to choose what is important and meaningful.

What activities make my life better?

Exercise and eating healthy(most of the time!). Having time to reflect and be introspective. Reading. Not spending money on useless crap.

Well what about Facebook and the internet? I am online right now dong this post. It is a creative outlet for me.

I have a Facebook account. But I no longer post status updates unless it is about this blog.

No one really cares about my life. And I don’t really care about anyone else’s. Sorry. Someone is taking out the trash or going to work or studying some useless topic. How does knowing this make my life better? It doesn’t.

Are you addicted to Facebook?

Here are some signs you may be addicted to Facebook.

  • Do you have any “friends” you’ve never met in person? Or some that you are not quite sure who they even are?
  • Do you login first thing in the morning just to see what people have posted. I mean, what do you think THEY are doing?? The same stuff you are!
  • You check the news feed more than 5x per day.
  • You update your status once per day or more.
  • You have more than 100 “friends”.
  • You post and tag all photos.
  • You use Facebook on your mobile phone.
  • What is the first think you do when you sit down at your computer?
  • Do you use Facebook to organize events?

Facebook can be a useful tool to connect with people and see what is going on at times.

But life should be about living and actual interaction and engagement with other individuals.

When you are on your deathbed will you be looking back thinking, “Gee I wish I had spent more time on Facebook”, or will you be thinking that you should have spent more time living.

So I am challenging you to go on a self imposed Facebook vacation. See if you can go one day without it. The longer you go without using Facebook, the more you will realize that you really don’t need it.

If you can’t go one day without it you are an addict.

Don’t cry about not having enough time in the day to workout or get the laundry done!

And while you’re at it stop checking your email 5000 times per day. Check 3 times. Morning, noon, afternoon. And notice how much more productive you are, especially if you are at work!!

Get Busy Living!

“Live Simply”


12 thoughts on “Are You Addicted To Facebook?

  1. I had a facebook account and then after liking it less and less I stopped using it. Then recently I went back on and I agree there is a fine line. I actually only just have people that I know as friends and then not to many. I use facebook to my addvantage to stay in contact with friends and family who choose this way to communicate. Other friends prefer the phone, others snail mail and we write letters to each other, and still others prefer to just catch up when we can. It is easy to get sidetracked with facebook. Great post. Cheers, Wendy

      1. The best thing I ever did was quit Facebook. It was too addictive to just cut down on it.

        It was hard at first but now I don’t regret it. If I use it in the future it will be for purely marketing reasons for my blog and not for personal use.

        It felt like I was constantly looking through glass windows at my family and friends’ lives. It was truly isolating.

      2. You are so right with your assessment. That is the only reason I am on FB. To market the blog. I am not THAT much of an egomaniac to think that people care what I am doing every second of the day.

        I left for about 6 weeks and it was great.


  2. Since starting my blog, I spend less and less time on facebook. One of the problems with it is that I expect too much from my ‘friends’ and so am disappointed when I got no response to a status. Why make myself unhappy when instead I can write on my blog and get a response from just one person who found some meaning in it?

  3. Very valid point about Facebook… social networks are so popular and they are taking over people’s lives. I deactived Facebook at the beginning of this year and don’t miss it one bit. (hah and I thought I was addicted).

    When I weighed it all up I found it was a very negative influence on my life and I believe it can cause anxiety and depression; especially if people are using it to bully each other (which happens more often than not).

    Deactive Facebook and have a real life!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Oh, It is a hard-kick-on-my-head post but the truth indeed hurts.

    Facebook is slowly ruining relationships around the globe since people tend to spend more time on their accounts rather than talking to the people around them.

    Well-written post! Keep on!

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