According to the IBM designers and engineers who have thought up and brought into existence the super computer Watson, its win on the quiz show Jeopardy is a great thing for human kind. My question is “how?”.

And “why”.

Do we need moretechnology?

They suggest that is the medical field faster will be enhanced because of faster, more advanced technology. But what about the human element? Raw decision making based on not just data, but also on human factors. Like emotion.

I am reminded of the Will Smith movie “I, Robot”. Smith’s character, a police detective hates the artificial intelligence robots that are being sold and are now a part of everyday society. Why? He was involved in a car crash and two vehicles went into a body of water. In the other car was a young girl. A robot dove in and within milliseconds determined that Smith’s character was .00000001 more valuable, more worthy of being saved.

Is that what the future holds. Data decisions. If we embrace technology as the IBM people want and expect us to, we must also accept the decisions these super computers are bound to make.

Computers cannot feel.

They cannot experience emotion.

The key word in artificial intelligence is artificial.

They are not human.

No, not all technology is bad. I am not that much of a Luddite. Lives have been saved. Life has certainly been made easier is some respects.

But to suggest that a super computer win on Jeopardy will be great for humankind is the stuff of science fiction.

Things can be kept simple and life can still be good.

Turn off the electronic devices. Walk to work. Read an actual book. Meditate. Embrace real human contact.

Be happy for all that you have.

“Live Simply”


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