Have you ever made little promises to yourself?

Or come up with ideas or decisions that you feel would make your life better if you were to follow through with these decisions.

I sure have.

Here are some examples of things I was going to do that would benefit me. See if you share any.

  • Stop drinking coffee
  • Workout everyday
  • Stop eating junk food
  • Eat vegetables with every meal
  • Do 100 push ups per day
  • Do the dishes right away
  • Socialize more
  • Do P90X to its completion
  • Keep a food journal
  • Drink a gallon of water daily

There are probably more. And guess what? I have not been overly successful with following through on these decisions that would presumably make my life better and me healthier.

What if we actually followed through on all these little things that we come up with? Why is it such a daunting task to just follow through consistently?!

We know what is good for us to do!

Gosh I have started more healthy eating plans than you can count only to be scarfing down a bowl of ice cream and cookies a few weeks later.

Why is that?

I can remember thinking, “When I have more time I’ll do x or y.” Well I have all kinds of time now to workout or do yoga or go for a walk, etc. And I do these things. Sometimes.

What about eating healthier? Not hard really. Well making the decision isn’t hard. But the follow through sure is.

So what is it about creating habits that actually stick. And I have done stuff for 21 days or 30 days in a row. That is a crock.

What if I actually followed through? Consistently.

What if I had stopped eating junk food a year ago?

What if I did 100 push ups a day?

What if I drank a gallon of water daily?

What if I actually went out to functions and socialized?

What if…

Where would I be today if I had followed through consistently with all those promises to myself?

Would I have a better life?

Be in better shape?

Be healthier?

Have more social contacts?

So what little promises have you made that you have had a hard time following through with?

Please share.

“Live Simply”


5 thoughts on “What If

  1. Like you I always said I’ll do this when….. or if this happens then I’ll do…….. and so on. It took the bombshell of being fired from my job of 14 years to get me off the fence and making changes in my life. I worked in a call center all my life – it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t satisfying either. I always wanted to be my own boss and set my own hours and rules. Now I’m one step away from being licensed as a real estate agent, and promoting Tiny Home living to people who want to downsize. I love pets and volunteer for 2 million dogs which helps find a cure for canine cancer. All these wonderful changes because I had to change when I lost my job. It also made me look at my life and quit being a pack rat! *smile*

  2. oh, I have made loads of empty promises! Just recently I decided I will follow through, but still haven’t managed to. All the advice people give me is good, but never works for long…
    I need something that will stick.

  3. Life is full of what-ifs, and unfortunately I keep making mistakes and creating more what-ifs – lots of them regrets. I think it’s what life is all about. What if i hadn’t messed around in school when I did? Well I wouldn’t have chosen the career path I did, which led me to meet and marry the father of my beautiful children. I probably would have met someone different, and had different children, but I love the ones I have. What if I had stood up for myself when I needed to in my relationship? I would probably still be happily married, instead of now being single. Life is what we make it, and the what-ifs are all part of that. Sometimes they’re regretful what-ifs, sometimes they can be full of relief. What if I’d left 5 minutes earlier for work this morning? I may have been involved in that 4 car accident that I passed on my way to work, because I left 5 minutes late.

    I know this is probably not quite what you’re talking about, but sometimes little what-ifs can have a big impact on our lives further down the track 🙂

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