Well as I posted recently, the reality of getting land and a prefab tiny house and a septic and a well and a…well you get the idea.

It proved to be a very expensive proposition.

I go online and look at houses for sale all the time. Just a hobby I have.

And wouldn’t you know it, there is a potential tiny house for sale. Okay it is actually a mini home. But it is on its own lot with a well and septic.

It has been repossessed and is being sold “as is, where is”.

I bought an amazing house this way back in 2001 when I was married. I beautiful post Victorian for 15000.00$. Yes that says fifteen thousand.

We paid cash for that house.

This mini home/tiny house would have to be gutted and done over in my minimalist interior design style but it is an interesting option.

No neighbors, no traffic. A green roof. Still biking distance to work. Sigh.

The asking price is 26000.00$ but I would offer MUCH less than that.

tiny house interior
I love this tiny house interior

Here is the link for the mini home that is for sale in my area.


The garbage has been cleaned up but repairs are needed.

Could this be a viable tiny house option?

Please comment with any tips, ideas and suggestions that you may have. Thanks:)

“Live Simply”


7 thoughts on “My Tiny House Dream Update

  1. Offer 15k, you’ll likely get it. Gotta remember the “reno” cost, but what the hell. No more throwing away rent money, equity building, a yard to “play” in and test your “organic” products!! Sounds great… Where the hell is it?

  2. Took a look at this place on the web site – looks like it may be a mobile home from the 1970’s. Probably a 14′ X 70′. Depending on the brand you could retrofit it and make it more eco friendly. I had found a smaller mobile home earlier that had put solar panels on the back of the mobile home which seemed to work well in heating the house.

  3. Water potability test, or whatever it is called in your area. How long has it been unoccupied, and the well idle? Also, relative age of septic, last time it was cleaned out and serviced, etc. Trailers have special structural limitations, esp. older ones, that can make successful renovation dicey if you want it to look anything like the dream house, so figure that into the reno costs. Also, give it the sniff test. Animal urine can be a zinger to get rid of, figure that into reno costs also. Site considerations: sounds idyllic, but might want to find out about hunters, the secret helicopter landing pad, the local meth lab, etc. (I grew up in the country.)

    And of course, internet service–how and how much? Lowball the offer, see what happens, and get to know the local tool rental guys 🙂

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