Silence Is Golden

I love it when the power goes out.

It is quiet. Dead silence if you will.

No drone from the refrigerator or computer or other devices that are constantly on..

The silence is spectacular.

And of course there is nothing to do.

Except read. Or walk. Or work out. Or just sit quietly and enjoy it.

Have you noticed just how much noise pollution we have become accustomed to in out daily lives?

The constant beeping of phones and faxes and computers and televisions.

I feel that all this is taking a toll on out mental health. we get so used to it(do we really?) that we don’t know how to turnoff our own mind.

We almost need some type of noise to keep us company or help us get to sleep(think having the television on really helps?).

I was at Mcdonald’s this very morning enjoying a free coffee and there was a table of teenagers with a portable little music device with a speaker. It was blaring music with profane language..

I love music. At times I like my music loud. But not in this setting.

On my own mp3 player I have noise cancelling headphones. Best thing ever. drowns out outside noise beautifully so I can escape for a few moments.

And what about commercials both on television and now online. The volume is certainly higher. Thanks goodness for the mute button.

I can remember reading about a lifelong city dweller who went to a national park here in Canada. It was their first time out of the city and into nature. They were so amazed by the absence of noise pollution that they actually cried.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have moments of silence in our day. Turn off everything, including all phones, and sit and reflect for a bit.

Just relax for even a few minutes.

Life can be busy and too darn loud. Try turning off and tuning out.

The silence is golden.

“Live Simply”


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