Average Annual Cost Of A Car

We love our cars don’t we?

I grew up in a car loving household. No sooner was a car purchased and the research was on for the next one.

Having a car is freedom.

Or is it?

What is the actual annual cost of a car?

What about car effects on the environment?

The price of gas in our fair land has risen dramatically in recent months. It now sits at $1.26 per liter for regular. Much of this is tax. Unfortunately our government does not spend this on road repair.

This would be $4.82 per U.S. gallon.

And this really does little to slow anyone down. People just keep on driving.

Of course fuel is just one cost associated with having a car.

You might have a car payment(plus interest), insurance, maintenance/parts, depreciation, and various payments to Big Brother for licensing, registration etc..

So all told the average annual cost of a car is around $10000.00.

And what about the car effects on the environment?

Here are some fun car pollution facts.

  • Car emissions kill 30,000 people each year in the U.S
  • Most ozone pollution is caused by motor vehicles
  • Emissions from cars dwarfs that from power plants
  • SUV’s put out 43% more global-warming pollutants (28 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon of gas consumed) and 47% more air pollution than the average car.
  • The U.S. uses about half of the world’s gasoline.
    Cars and SUV’s use 40% of the oil that’s used daily in the U.S

These were gotten from http://bicycleuniverse.info/transpo/almanac.html

There is lots more information there on car pollution. Check it out.

I personally think that gas should be at least $2.00 per liter here in Canada. Maybe then people would start to examine how much they drive and how much they spend on driving and how much they are polluting. Maybe.

Maybe people would carpool more. If each vehicle carried one more person we would use around 8 billion less gallons of gas per year.

The other thing is this: At what point are you working just to pay to get you to work?

Well how many hours do you have to work to earn 10000.00$?

So what about incorporating car-free days into your week?

Could you carpool with someone?

Could you bike to work or to the local store for milk, etc?

Could you work from home once or twice per week? I mean with computers and technology, do you really need to be at the office everyday?

How about just staying the hell home and enjoying some down time. Go for a walk. Play with the kids and dog. Have sex. Just don’t be out running the roads.

If you cannot have just one car free day out of seven you may need to examine your current lifestyle. Slow down and do less.

Just imagine if we invested all the money we spent on our cars. We would have no problem retiring at age 55 would we?

Living a minimalist lifestyle has allowed me, actually forced me, to examine some of these issues.

I will try for a car-free week this coming week.

I enjoy my car but I am using it much less these days.

It’s just the right thing to do.

Please share this with everyone you know. Thanks.

“Live Simply”


5 thoughts on “Why You Need Car-Free Days

  1. Mark, I started taking the bus. Where I live, in a very rural community, the bus is more of an inconvenience, because it doesn’t run when you’d like it to. As a result, I have to get up an hour earlier just to catch it and spend an hour commuting when it would normally only take 35 minutes for me to drive. It’s
    However, I am not complaining. I would prefer to take the bus daily, but cannot. I have evening activities that keep me late in the city, two nights per week. The bus to drive me back to my community runs only once every two hours, and I’d have to do some fancy transferring to get to the location where it leaves. In fact, I have worked it out, and it is impossible to catch the last bus at 9:20pm in Dartmouth, and I finish up in Halifax at 8pm. Why am I telling you this?? Well, I guess as long as the infrastructure makes it difficult or inconvenient to use transit systems, we will be a population using cars to get to work. sucks.

    1. Very good point(s) Trina. Of course here in Bilgewater, as you know, we have no public transit system. Governments talk of how they are “green” but they are not putting their money where their mouths are. Kudos to you for making an extra effort to be car-free as much as you can.
      Thanks for commenting:)

  2. Hi Mark
    -I have a car, a very basic no frills grey Civic coupe. It has no options, 2995 and I bought it in Oct. 27, 2009 with 72,200kms and now it has 81,000kms. I try to drive as little as possible. Living here in downtown St. John’s makes it easy for me too walk and get things I need. I love having a car, but I use it pretty much way beloow the average driver. Half a tank of gas lasts me about two weeks! I love your site, BTW.

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