You work hard. You work a lot.

You want to reward yourself. And I really have no problem with that. Hey go to a movie. Buy AN item that you have been eyeing for a while. But only if you are paying cash.

But of course you feel that you are entitled to go out and spend money on stuff you don’t really need. And how are you paying for this extravagance? Cash? Have you saved up for said item(s) over the past few weeks or months? If yes, then well done.

But if you are putting it on a credit card then shame on you.

“But everyone else gets to buy stuff”, you say. Yes and maybe they paid cash or they are in debt up to their eyeballs. That has nothing to do with you.

If you have outstanding bills that have yet to be paid then that is your first priority.

The “spend, feel better” cycle is short lived.

I actually find it more fulfilling to pay my bills and be debt free. There is a sense of freedom that comes with this. No weight pulling me down.

I want a bigger apartment. But I don’t really want to pay more per month. So I have decided to remove some of the larger furniture to “create” more space. Thinking of getting a futon for the bedroom so I can turn that into a workout/TV room.

There are solutions to most dilemmas . Spending MORE is certainly not always the answer.

The people you owe money to DESERVE to be paid in a timely fashion. Until this happens all other purchases are put on the back burner.

It takes discipline. We are bombarded by media and advertisements that scream at us to spend money on the latest new item. Mute the TV during commercials.

Slow down. Breathe.

You do deserve to be happy. Spending money you don’t have won’t do this for you.

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“Live Simply”


2 thoughts on “Deserve’s Got Nothing To Do With It

  1. So true! I lived in the “spend, feel better, in debt to my eyeballs” mode for a long time, and it didn’t make me happy. Paying down the debt and being content with all that I already have is a much better way to go. It takes creativity and an open mind to realize that “There are solutions to most dilemmas. Spending MORE is certainly not always the answer.” It’s actually fun to learn and practice that!

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