Why Over Reacting Is Usually The Wrong Approach

So have you ever over reacted to a situation?

Something happens in your life and you go off the deep end?

I am sure a lot of us have. Goodness knows I have. And I am not particularly proud of how I acted.

But what does that over reaction really accomplish?

You usually say and do things that you later regret, and in the end, the situation is still there waiting to be dealt with in a calm and reasonable manner.

So why not take that approach in the first place? I am not suggesting that it is easy to do. And if you have a hyper personality or have an over active imagination that thinks of the “worst case” scenarios it will be harder for you to do this.

But do it you must.

You have to be very disciplined. Very introspective. And you have to be able to play out a few different scenarios in your head.

This is exactly why you should just take a step back for a few hours(or more). Tell the other involved parties that you need time to think about the situation. Go for a drive to a calming location. Grab a coffee. Talk to a friend to get their perspective. Write down your thoughts.

If you overreact chances are you will make a knee jerk decision that could end up negatively impacting your life and/or the lives of others.

You need to be calm.

Declutter your mind so you can positively deal with your situation.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how your respond to it.

How you deal with trying situations defines who you are as a person.

And don’t think that your kids don’t see how you react/respond to stuff. So how do you think they will deal with situations in their own lives?

Try using a minimalist calm approach the next time you are faced with an adverse situation and see how it plays out.

Please share this. Thanks.

“Live Simply”


4 thoughts on “Minimalist Calm During Trying Situations

  1. I get an A for my calm this week. I found evidence of something foolish and dangerous that the children did. I paused and waited to find out if someone else had already talked to them about it (yes) and so instead of reacting, I simply resolved to be more vigilant about supervision in certain situations that are “tempting’ for the children.

  2. Oh man! I am one of those “over active imagination/worst case scenario” types, and my kids have definitely seen me over react at times over the years (they are both in college now). Thank God forgiveness is possible, and so is change. I’m better about this than I used to be, and I can happily say that I step back and handle situations calmly and rationally more often than I used to. It really takes intention and practice.

    I never thought of this in terms of minimalism, but I can see your point. Often an over reaction happens because you want something fixed, you want it YOUR way right now — it’s like impulse buying. No patience, no perspective. Practicing minimalism teaches you to hold things a little less tightly, and this can make you less rigid in many areas of your life.

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