I am what I am

I feel as though I have, at times, tried to be or tried to become something I am not.

I have worried about what others thought of me and therefore I have bought clothes that I would almost never wear, worked in a job where I just didn’t fit in.

We are conditioned I suppose by the media and advertisers to believe we have to have a certain life and act a particular way.

If you have x.y.z. by the time you are a certain age then you are considered a failure.

Which is bad.

It is not the the stuff you have that matters.

It is the quality of your character.

What are your personal core values? What is important in your life? Are you living a life that is in alignment with these things?

I suspect that a lot of people may not me. And thus they are in conflict. They may not be entirely happy and can’t quite put their finger on why.

I just want to be me. Do I have all the answers? Hell no.

I am just a simple guy, I’m a human being, sometimes fumbling through life, but more often amazed by the great glorious adventure that it is. I’m a DAD, a nerd, a bit of a klutz, a bookworm, a creative soul, a person who likes to dip his toes into all that life has to offer.

For me living a minimalist lifestyle is best. It just makes sense.

Be true to who you really are.

“Live Simply”


3 thoughts on “Be True To Yourself

  1. Mark, Blaine here. I just moved from St. Jon’s to Regina- and got rid of everything I could not fit in my Element. (Honda). The dog and I are starting again (this is the second time i’ve moved like this). Now I can become even more minimalist then before, and enjoy the process of only accumulating the necessities. Albeit I kept some books, a few things I collect (these are exceptions, as hobbies) and kitchen stuff, I am back to almost nothing, and I like it this way. No furniture was brought with me, as it could not fit in the truck. Even the Element too me is basic and minimal, no carpet, I removed the seats, you can wash the floor. Brilliant!

    So I am working as land use planner in Regina, at ajob I like, I walk to work, and I am HAPPY.

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