And How To Accept It

We all have imperfections in our lives.

Even the people you think would have perfect lives don’t. Even celebrities with gazillions of dollars have troubles.

These imperfections are like thorns in our side always there, pricking us, burrowing in, twisting, with us never being able to remove some of them. Some are small – maybe we’re annoyed at the scratches or dents in our car or house, blemishes and pimples on our face, little things about our job, our bosses.

Some are bigger; we think we don’t have enough money, or live in too small an apartment, or we are going through a transitional period in our lives, etc.

And even if you go on to try to “fix” these things, more imperfections pop up and you run the chance of going down the dangerous pursuit of perfection, a pursuit you can never win.

And people do this. People with money spend millions on the quest for perfection. Bigger houses, more cars, different companies, different spouses. All to no avail.

So how do we accept that life will always be imperfect but at the same time, be proactive about fixing some of those imperfections?

Can we do both?

The answer is yes.

Now let me ask you a question.

If I ask you right now, what do you need, this very second, what’s the answer?


A couple of seconds later, you can begin to rattle off all your needs that tie in with the perceived imperfections you see in your life but in that very second, life was in a way “perfect”.

For just a split second.

So we do have those little “pockets” of time, if we take the time for them, where we can get away from it all and just BE in the purest sense without any imperfections on our mind.

But it may impossible to have that feeling 24/7 and that’s understandable.

I feel as though I have a perfect life….but I would like to lose a few pounds and get that ding in my car fixed and…well, you get the idea.

What you want to do now is to let go of all the imperfections in your life. Mentally put all those thorns in this big balloon and let go of the string and watch it float away.

When you do this, you’ll often find yourself having a shiver down your spine or goosebumps or a tingling sensation in your mind.

It is actually rather liberating.

We let go by realizing these imperfections don’t define us, that we have the control of how to view them, that we can put them in their proper place.

Then, we do the best we can on fixing those imperfections. Some can be fixed, some can’t, and in doing this, we appreciate the beauty of imperfection.

Beauty you say?

Think of what imperfections have to offer us.

Room to improve, an opportunity to practice acceptance, to be at peace despite everything going on, an opportunity to discipline our thoughts, to grow, to forgive ourselves and others, to take on challenges.

When you look at it all that way, imperfections have a lot to offer.

It’s one of the main drivers of life isn’t it?

It’s the juice that drives us to improve and we do it despite knowing we can never perfect it all. It’s seems like a paradox but it works nonetheless when you are able to appreciate the beauty imperfections have to offer us.

So instead of getting sad about all the imperfections in your life, grow to appreciate them, to be thankful for them, for all the opportunities they have to offer – from the opportunity to grow to the opportunity to learn to accept.

It’s funny when you begin to realize that mostly everything that’s good in your life right now came from dealing with all the imperfections in the past.

Enjoy and appreciate what you have in your life right now.

You do not need anything else.

“Live Simply”


6 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Perfect. Or is It?

  1. Reblogged this on the Modern Monkey Mind and commented:
    That couple seconds between answering that you need nothing and rattling off all the stuff that ties in with perceived imperfections? Expanding that to our normal state of consciousness is the goal of spiritual practice. Its possible now. We just have to go for it.

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