What am I hoping to accomplish or achieve with my minimalist lifestyle?

What is the endgame? Is there an endgame?

Lately I have been a bit down. Like I have been searching for something. I am not even sure what I am searching for.

Meaning perhaps?

Meaning in my life?


I have a good life. I have a good job as far as jobs go. But it is not really something I am passionate about. I work in a rather large factory and the pay is decent. I have benefits. I do my best and work with good people.

So why do I feel that something is…missing?

Am I comparing myself to others?

Do “they” have more than I do? More what? More debt? Maybe.

And why does this matter?

What does it matter what someone else has or how they view me?

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter.

I have to learn to love myself. To accept myself and my life for what it is.

It is good. Very good in fact.

I have to get back to my minimalist lifestyle as an actual way of living.

Being much less of a consumer. I need nothing. I could easily get by with less stuff. I know some of you could as well!

Look around your place. What could go? Sell it. Donate it. Toss it if needed.

Clear it out. Be ruthless. You don’t need more space. You need less stuff. Declutter and reorganize.

Could you?

Try to go a day without purchasing anything. Ask yourself if you really need that item that you have in your hand. Where did it come from? Think about all the production and shipping costs to get that item to the store you are in.

Can you go a day without driving your car? A bit harder for some of us I know. But just try it for a day.

We are such a society of consumers and wasters. The amount of garbage produced is mind boggling. All the chemicals…

People are addicted to shopping. It is a national pastime. What void are these folks trying to fill?

We need to start making big changes as a society with our consumer and materialistic ways. The stuff we keep buying has a cost. And not just the cost at the cash register. An ecological cost. How are these things produced? What chemicals are used?

I enjoy nice things. I want to be comfortable and have a nice personal space. A minimalist design is so pleasing to me.

I have all that I need.

Now I need to find contentment within myself. This is the first step.

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“Live Simply”


2 thoughts on “The Best Damn Minimalist Living Post Ever. Period.

  1. What is missing is not knowing who created you and why. You will never find peace in your soul if you do not why your here on earth. I challenge you to find the One Religion that comes with evidence and teach you the way of life. I promise you there is one.

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