Money Does Not Buy Happiness

There are thousands of books and websites out there that dole out advice in to regards to how to save money.

Here is a tip: Stop spending

Not rocket science is it?

But why then is it so damn hard to stop spending money?

Well advertising is EVERYWHERE for starters. We are bombarded by messages that tell us we have to buy stuff to be better, happier, healthier.

This is of course not true. Your life is probably pretty darn good right now. Going out and buying something will not make it any better.

As I look around my wonderfully small, simple, minimalist apartment I am struck by how much stuff I have. If I were to add up the money spent on said stuff it would be in the neighborhood of 20,000 dollars give or take.

And I am just one person.

The average family of four has 100,000 items in their house.

Just think of the money spent(wasted?) on all this stuff.

Instead of buying crap all the time, what if we literally put that money away in a special savings account.

At the end of the year how much money do you think you would have saved?

Scary thought isn’t it?

Now I know that at times people need new clothes. And of course we need to eat. Cars need regular maintenance. etc., etc.

But buying stuff almost just for the sake of buying it is needless.

Let’s try a “spending sabbatical”.

For one day we will not spend any money.

Just one day.

Think you can do it?

Let me know what you think.

Please share this and I would love for you to comment on this post.

“Live Simply”


6 thoughts on “Buy Less Crap, Save More Money

  1. Even better has been using up or wearing out the stuff I already have and feeling like I’m using my money wisely. My load of ‘stuff’ is getting less and I feel empowered! I have no spend days often, but I’ll join the no spend Monday for sure…

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