Are you a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have? A lot of folks are so you are not alone.

Why we feel the need to have all the stuff is rooted deeply in our make up as society and can be read about in the post located here.

The point is our homes, closets, garages, and attics are stuffed to overflowing. We buy specialized storage containers, fancy organizers and of course the ultimate, we go out and buy a bigger house because we need more space.

If you have too much stuff for your current place, it is not your place that is the problem.

So how can decluttering and getting organized make you a better person?

Shouldn’t life be about being free and happy? Being able to find things when you need them? Having less stress? How about having more money? Having a clutter free and organized home is just one step in achieving all of the above.

People who undertake a decluttering, purging and organizing project always report feelings of lightness, happiness and freedom when they are done. They feel more in control of their lives. They have more time to spend on other pursuits. They have less stress.

The bottom line is, you will be a happier person who is more in control of your life.

Letting Go Is Hard To Do

I know that getting rid of that singing fish that Uncle Leo gave you for your birthday is tricky but maybe, just maybe, the world will keep turning. Holding on to an item just in case you may someday need it is not a valid reason to keep everything under the sun.

So my decluttering and organizing project for the day is to go through my closet and clothes. My teenage son is with me now so his stuff is here. We definitely need to get organized in regards to our clothing. We are both pretty simple guys. Jeans and t shirts mostly. For work I just wear a pair of coveralls so that is pretty easy.

I want to be able to quickly scan the closet and pick out something to wear. This is the decluttering goal. To make things easier. To make my life more simple and easy. Especially on school days!

Less stress is a good thing.

Here are some clothes decluttering and purging tips I will be following.

  • Repeat the mantra: “The only clothes that belong in my closet are clothes I wear that make me look and feel great.”
  • Take a deep breath, and put the bad clothes in a bag to donate.
  • Put the bag in my car without a second thought.

So what are your best decluttering tips and ideas?

Please be sure to share your best ideas. Thanks.

“Live Simply”


4 thoughts on “How Decluttering and Getting Organized Will Make You A Better Person

  1. Decluttering tips
    1. I always keep a box in the corner of the bedroom. When I come across something I can get rid of, I immediately & unhesitatingly toss it in the box. When the box if full, off it goes to Salvation Army and a new empty box replaces it.
    2. I only tackle decluttering one small area at a time–a single drawer or closet or shelf or cabinet or corner. Otherwise it’s too overwhelming and discouraging and will be procrastiniated. A single area is easy to tackle in a small amount of time; therefore, it is more likely to get done.

    1. Great decluttering tips Sandra. I also like the decluttering tip of spend 15 to 30 minutes each day declutering. Ties in a bit with your small area at a time decluttering tip.

      Thanks very much for commenting.

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