Why Wait To Live A Minimalist Lifestyle?

So the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has made it to Canada(Occupy Canada). The rich get richer the poor stay poor. Most of the wealth is held by the top one percent of the population. Governments spend billions of dollars on corporate bailouts while the average family struggles to pay their bills.

These are just some of the arguments you will hear for the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Canada movements.

And I get what they are saying.

But here is the thing. We created this. We are the ones who spend our money at big box stores. I would argue that even the protesters would love for Tim Horton’s to show up with coffee. I bet a lot of them have cell phones. We, as a society have spent ourselves into mountains of debt. No one forced you to get that credit card and max it out. You did that.

So maybe now is the time to look at living a minimalist lifestyle.

This does not mean that you have to get rid of all your stuff and go live in a tent. Minimalist living is just about examining the choices you make. What do you really need? Minimalist living for you is going to look different than it does for me. And that is okay.

A minimalist lifestyle is one that is free of complications, clutter, confusion and distraction. It is where you have taken your life and streamlined it to make it the most efficient it can possibly be. It is also more of a process than a destination. Minimalist living is something that you will need to continually work on as many other factors in life are constantly going to try and complicate things for you. Do you think that banks and corporations want you to live a minimalist lifestyle? No way! They need you to buy a bigger house than you can afford. They need you to max out your credit cards and make only the minimum payments.

This is how they keep making billions of dollars.

Evaluate your life. Where do you shop? Do you buy locally produced goods? The whole Buy American or Buy Canadian movements may be worthwhile, but how many goods are manufactured in North America these days? Not many. So you really have to do your homework when you are making purchases that you want to have fit into your minimalist lifestyle. I struggle with this as well.

So the concept of minimalist living may be simple, but actually achieving it may be a bit more difficult. Mass media, and society in general, tells us to live a life of excess. They convince us that what we currently have isn’t good enough so you need to go out and spend money to be happy.

Here in Canada if you make 55000.00$ per year you are in the top one percent of wage earners in this country. If you make just 1000.00$ per year you are in the top one percent of incomes in the world.

We simply live way beyond our means. And we complain about our lives despite all that we have.

You have a choice.

You have the power to change your life. I urge you to consider living a more minimalist lifestyle. You will be amazed at how liberating it is.

Please share this and please comment. Thanks.

“Live Simply”


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