Q: Can a 40 year old man have a decent looking apartment with a minimalist interior design theme?

So as some readers may now know, my son and I are moving to a new apartment. And as yesterday’s post told you, I have a lot of crap that I will be getting rid of.

So my new place is a blank canvas and I really need your help to decorate it in a minimalist interior design theme.

I need your suggestions and input on how to decorate. I hate clutter and knick knacks. Simple accent pieces are okay though.

I will point out that I am not so much anti stuff as I am anti clutter.

I am certainly on a budget so I really do not want to go and spend a bunch of money although I realize I MAY have to pick up a few things.

Also we live in a small town so there is no IKEA here or anywhere even close:) I should be so lucky:)

Here are a few minimalist interior design photos to give a very broad idea of what I kind of like.

I will of course be posting photos of the new apartment later on today after work. It is empty except for the boxes of stuff we have taken over.

I realize that these are all photos of a minimalist living room. I of course want help with bedrooms as well.

So if you have any minimalist interior design and decorating tip please pass them on. I certainly need your help. It is one thing to see pictures of what I like but when it comes to achieving the look that I want everything goes to hell and it ends up being a schmozzle(my word) of stuff that never looks right.

I don’t want to paint either. Just simply decorate with furniture and accent pieces. A unified minimalist look. Can it be done? Can a 40 year old man have a decent looking apartment? I certainly hope so!

Please help!

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7 thoughts on “The Minimalist Interior Design Challenge. You Design My New Apartment

  1. What I see out of those rooms is 3 basic colors make up the room. So as long as you pick your 3 colors and stick to that with that which really shouldnt be hard as your furniture is one color, the walls are painted and that is your 2nd color and then you need an additional so you are over half way there. Getting rid of clutter is a matter of choice and sticking to it. Basic geographic designs. Notice all there furniture is square, no round arms…interesting. Basic shapes. Good luck decorating, let me know if you need a hand, I’m around.

  2. I agree with Doreen, stick with the main colors you want – if you can’t paint make the walls your first color theme. Since it’s you and your son (and I’m totally assuming here from my own experience with my husband and sons) hide the wires! Wires streaming all over form computers, gaming systems, etc. can make the most minimalist space look like a disaster area. Get cheap baskets at the dollar store to contain like items – mail, video games, toiletries, etc. and think about an entry space to place items like keys, backpacks, etc that will be needed when you walk back out the next day.

  3. I tend to like colors that are next to each other on the color wheel because of the harmony that is created. But, you have to decide which color combinations suit you. This link is a good place to start. http://www.tigercolor.com/color-lab/color-theory/color-theory-intro.htm
    I agree completely with the advice from the link: “Choose one color to dominate, a second to support. The third color is used (along with black, white or gray) as an accent.” If you don’t want to paint a wall…change the continuity of the furniture you already own with paint. Using black is an excellent choice as a third color. You probably have furniture pieces that you could paint black and that would unify what you have. If they don’t match, who cares!

  4. Here’s my tuppence worth….

    Start the rooms with function in mind, for example a bed in the bedroom, sofa in the living room etc, what else are you going to do in that room, do you need a study area? Do you need a television stand etc? After you have decided everything you NEED, think about colour, i personally would only choose colour in accsseories this way you can easily change them. So make sure your walls are neutral, sofa is neutral, bedlinen is neuatral etc. Then choose one colour red for example and perhaps place a red cushion on your bed, and then a print on the wall with reds in it. Avoid having display/lamp tables, they attract clutter, infact any flat surface attracts clutter so best avoided unless they are needed. Once you have placed everything in that room walk into the room and what is your eye drawn too? Is it easy on the eye? If no, sort it out, move it, whatever. Don’t over do ‘storage soloutions’ they are often the problem in keeping too much stuff!!

    You say you have no ikea, use that fact to create individuality, shop at second hand stores but be very selective, it has to have function as well as nice to look at. I personally don’t like fussy window dressings, i have blinds, and the only ‘dress’ curtains i have is in the lounge (and i actually think they will be gone soon) i also love plants, they create harmony and are nice to look at. Perhap you could post up pictures of your new flat and we could offer more suggestion? I came to your blog after you commenting on my house pix on 365 less things!! I definaetly think a 40 year old male can and should have a des res, if only as a babe magnet (if your in the babe magnet market that is..)

    Oh and i agree with Martha, hide the bloomin wires!!

    Sharron x

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