I have a confession to make. Well maybe two confessions. First off I don’t do much. As someone who lives a minimalist lifestyle I have mastered the art of doing nothing. I do not run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about this. I mean we are conditioned to believe that a busy person is a productive person, right?

But is that really true? I suspect that some people just like to rush around and then complain about it! They need to feel important or something.

Now that I have said all that my second confession is that I sometimes procrastinate doing the things that I should do.

Like filing and reorganizing some important papers(thought-are they really that important? Hmmmm).

Calling and changing my address and phone number with various agencies.

And dealing with my car. There is some bodywork that I have been putting off and today I actually made an appointment to get it done. I was using that as an excuse to consider getting a “new to me” vehicle. Well I have decided to do the right thing and keep the car that I have for a while longer, get it fixed up a bit and pretend I have a car. I am going to make car payments to myself and save the money up for the inevitable day when a newer car will be more of a requirement.

Anyway I guess what I am saying is that I am quite good at making excuses! Yikes.

So the saying that has helped get my butt in gear is this:

Do what needs to be done

It really does help me to get moving and do stuff.

Maybe it is just to pick up a few things and declutter. Or to drop extra clothes off at a drop off place. Or file those papers! It has even helped me at work.

Do what needs to be done

That’s it.

I’m not perfect. I am, and my minimalist lifestyle is, a work in progress. It is a continuous journey, not a destination.

This simple saying does help me and maybe it will help you as well.

Just one or two important tasks per day.

Try it and see if it helps you as well.

Do what needs to be done

Do you have any sayings that help keep you motivated?

Please share them and be sure to share this on Facebook and Twitter.

“Live Simply”


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