I am a researcher. An analyzer. A thinker of thoughts. I read and read and read. And then I read some more.

And then I do nothing.

I am notorious for “knowing” all this stuff, having all this book knowledge, but not having any knowledge that comes from actual application. In other words I really do nothing with the so called knowledge I have.

And I am a bit tired of it.

All this book knowledge is essentially useless because I don’t do anything with it.

And why don’t I? Fear? Maybe.

My brain sits into nice little boxes, sitting on shelves, collecting dust.

Knowledge without application. Useless.

How many self help books or weight loss books does a person need to read? Are your shelves filled with them? What for? Are you putting any of those principles into practice?

Yeah, me neither.

Why read about travel, or retiring to another country if you are not going to take action to make it happen?

I now realize that reading gives me the false impression that I am actually “doing” something.

I deceive myself into thinking I am somehow getting something done, when in reality, I am merely using my brain as a changing station where new information constantly comes and goes.

“Hey, look at me! Look at how much I know! Look at how smart I am!”

I am not that smart.

95% of your success in anything you want to accomplish comes from doing. Not reading and researching. Doing. Reading gives you the false sense of accomplishment associated with knowing rather than knowing by application.

If you are like me, my recommendation to you is this: stop reading so much.

Stop the constant research.

Stop the constant planning.

Stop the constant “once I have everything together I’ll get started” type of approach.

Once things slow down I’ll start eating better and start working out.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve been given is the reminder that success comes first and foremost from doing—because ultimately the fruit only comes from sowing the seeds, not thinking about them, planning the garden, reading the farmer’s almanac, or talking to other farmers.

Sowing them.

So whenever it is that you get back to work, or head to the gym, or work on your blog, remember to spend your life wisely in application, not only in thought, speculation, or research.

What good is the smartest scientist if he doesn’t share his findings with others?

What good is the most effective diet plan if you don’t try it?

What good is picking up yet another book on getting organized and decluttering if you don’t use the information?

What is is that book on your feelings and relationships if you don’t change your thoughts and habits?

What good are 400 more strategies for blogging for your business if you aren’t trying any of them?

The utility of knowledge rests only in its application.

It is the keystone of success, and even the tiniest steps are worth their weight in gold.

Action is the greatest gift that only you can give to yourself, so get started.


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3 thoughts on “What Good Is Knowledge If There Is No Action?

  1. I totally agree. In fact, I think that researching too much can lead to inaction because often the advice you get is mutually exclusive. It’s hard to cut through the chaff to get to the wheat when you’re just researching. Once you start actually doing, you tend to find out what works fairly quickly.

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