So yesterday I was quite anxious and feeling more than a bit disconnected. Not sure why. There a few issues I am dealing with. My car is having some bodywork done and of course that has to be paid for. I don’t have a credit card and while I do have the money I hate dipping into my reserve emergency fund to pay for it. Oh well.

Plus I am feeling a bit stuck. I don’t do much of anything. In short I guess I am a bit bored.

When I am looking back on my life it would be nice to think I did some stuff.

Now I know that I should enjoy the moment, and be thankful for all that I have. I get that, I really do. But if all a person does is sit around well it makes for a less than fulfilling existence.

So I had a comment on yesterday’s post from Jonathan of Punch Life In The Face. I went to his site and really enjoyed his writing.

That’s what I want. To punch Life in the face. To feel alive. To be scared. To feel Excited.

One of his posts mentioned the Couch To 5k running program.

I have never really enjoyed running. In fact I have always been against it. Hard on the joints and all that jazz. But I did it this morning. Read less, do more.

And I did feel better for having done it. It is a beautiful fall day here in Nova Scotia so getting out into the sunshine was good for my soul. And for my health.

I am also going to paint today. I am no artist that is for sure. But there is something about putting paint on canvas that just makes me feel good.

Do what makes you feel good.

Who would have thought! Is it that easy?

What other small things do you do to feel good?

Things that make you feel more alive.

Please comment and please share this. Thanks.

“Live Simply”


14 thoughts on “Today Is A New Day-Thank Goodness For That!

  1. Ah yes, create something. It doesn’t matter if it’s creating body chemistry with a run or painting just for you. Even though I am a romantic minimalist at heart I still like to jump and try something new. That is always when you will feel the most alive.

  2. I have been finding it freeing to be able to think about what thrills me everyday and go out and do it. I recently moved to an area that has a lot of biking and hiking. I bought a very nice road bike and joined a hiking group. I love being outside and in nature. I would have never spent the money on my new toy but love all the joy it is given me. I sold old posessions that I was not using to pay for the bike…..mostly furniture and electonics. I am so happy with the results. I want to play like a kid every day. I have a picture of me when I was about 3 on my trike, big smile on my face. It was all I needed to make the change.

    1. You are a very fortunate person. Most people don’t have the luxurious option of thinking about what “thrills” them every day and then getting to do it. I have to go to work every day, which is certainly less than “thrilling”.

      1. Yes, most of us have to earn their living… then there are others who live entirely off the hard work and profits of others, making no attempt to reinvent their lives honestly. When a person is able to look at themselves in the mirror and know that they have created their new life by their own efforts, then they can truly claim to be independent.

  3. Actually running is not bad for the joints – so you can relax and enjoy doing it. Long term studies now show that in fact older runners have healthier knees and less arthritis than non-runners. Inactivity is bad for the joints. We are born to run – speaking of which, that’s an amazing book (Christopher McDougall) that everyone should read – eye-opening and a real fun true story!

  4. I’m on the road to minimalism so I will have more time to do less. Some of the simple things that make me feel wonderful are going to the beach to watch the sunset, doing a good weight workout, and although I’m not into running either, I love taking nice long brisk walks with some interval sprints thrown in. Every once in a while I like to just lounge on the couch and read a good novel all in one day 🙂

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