Minimalist Living For Just One Day

So yesterday I was at my girlfriends place in Halifax. She was working and I purposely did not take my computer with me. I waste a lot of time doing nothing on the computer.

It was great. I did not log in, check any websites, or waste any time on line.

What I did do was a Turbo Jam workout, went for a walk with the dog, cleaned up the yard a bit, did some laundry, and read some of the book I have on the go at her place.

Yes I did flip around the television channels a bit, but not much. Later on we went out and did some holiday browsing. I got a couple of items for my son.

What this teaches me is that I could go without the interweb for an extended period of time. If I am able to realize my dream and travel the world someday I really am not sure of the need for taking a computer. May be nice for booking trips and hotels. Maybe.

So I encourage challenge you to take a day and not use your computer, or cell phone or turn on the television. Just one day. This means you, Deanne:)

Notice how much quieter it is. Notice how peaceful it is. Notice how much more you are able to get done.

It will drive home how much time we waste with technology when we could be exercising, doing chores, spending time with family, relaxing, reading, having sex, having a real conversation, playing a game, etc.

It is a little bit of minimalist living that all of us can take part in.

Can you do it? I think you can and I think you should!

Please share this. Thanks!

“Live Simply”


One thought on “No Technology Day. Wonderful!!

  1. I do the same thing!! Waste so much time on the computer…doing nothing!! I’m sure that I would be so much more productive If I took a day and didn’t bother with the computer or cell phone. But damn….it almost seems impossible! Ha !! Let me think about it… 😉

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