Why do you we have so much stupid stuff?

I mean really. I’m serious. I need to know why.

Even I, the one living a minimalist lifestyle have a lot of useless, stupid stuff and I am not sure how it even happened.

People claim they need all the stuff they have. Hmmm. I wonder if that is true?

Do you really need that 10th grade biology project?

Or how about the shirt from 1999?

I don’t think so.

I am guilty of it too. Maybe not to that extreme but I could certainly to go through my belongings and do a bit of a purge.

I realize for a lot of us it is hard to let go of your stuff for a variety of reasons.

Someone gave it to you.

Or you are hanging onto it “just in case”.

You actually may have an emotional attachment to it.

Hey I get it.

But maybe it is time to get rid of some of your stupid stuff.

Question every item you have.

Why do you have it?

Do you actually use it?


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