Minimalist Living Can Be Whatever You Want It Yo Be

So maybe you are looking around after the holiday season and wondering what you are going to do with all the stuff.

I am sure you are not alone.

We certainly have a lot of stuff don’t we?

Are you sick of it?

Tired of the clutter?

Well the interesting thing about living a minimalist lifestyle is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

It is your path to walk.

I find:

  • Minimalist living is very freeing.
  • Minimalist living is cheaper.
  • Minimalist living is calming.

You have what is important to you. You have things that you find beautiful and useful. Stuff that has purpose.

Not useless clutter.

Now stuff that I consider clutter you may find beautiful and purposeful.

And that is okay.

It is your minimalist lifestyle after all.

There is no one way to do something.

Don’t Believe All The Bullshit

Give up on listening to the media. They want one thing of course.

To have you open up your wallet and part with your money.

They do not have your best interests at heart.

It’s all crap folks.

I realize that we need to purchase items from time to time.

But in a minimalist lifestyle you must think about everything you purchase.

Do I really need this item?

If yes, can I put it off for a bit and save the money to buy it?

Just think a little bit before mindlessly purchasing things.

How Do I Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle?

There may not be a stock answer.

You have to decide what is important to you.

What are your core values?

What I would encourage you to do is to start sooner rather than later.

Pick a day and a room to start in.

Look at each item. Hold it. And ask what purpose it serves.

Have a Keep, Toss, and Donate pile.

Try to be objective. You may need a friend to help you. A lot of us have emotional attachments to certain items that make it difficult to get rid of them.

Make Minimalist Living A Priority Each Day

What can you do today to live a minimalist lifestyle?

Walk or bike to work.

Get rid of just one item that serves no purpose.

Turn off the television.

Clear off the dining room table.

Declutter your closet.

There of course are dozens more ideas for simple minimalist living.

What do you do? Please share your ideas.

And it would be great if you would share this post using social media. Thanks.

“Live Simply”

9 thoughts on “Minimalist Living In 2012

  1. I like the idea of cleaning out. I have some clothing and purses from my spending days that I want to take to a consgnment store. I don’t use them and I would like the cash in my account instead. Not that I even need the cash. I just want to stop spending on things I don’t need and that are super expensive. Let someone else that doesn’t get it buy my old Louis Vitton bags. I baked cookies for my family for xmas this year and they loved them. I am going to start baking for everyones birthday instead of sending gift cards which just promotes more spending. I bought my daughter a juicer for xmas and my other daughter got a great coat and hiking boots.
    Very minimal, I understand the transition of how people think when you make the change to a minimalist lifestyle. Maybe they think I have gone cheap but I think eventually they will start to enjoy the conversations. I sold a houseful of furniture moved to a smaller place and bought a gorgeous road bike with some of the cash. I am enjoying biking so much. I just makes sense to get rid of the stuff that is weighing us down.

    1. I LOVE the idea of baked goods as gifts. I have already thought of that for NEXT year. I also like the idea of e-cards. I know some people will cringe at that idea.

      Good for you for biking. I find it hard for some reason.

      Here’s to minimalist living in 2012.

      Keep it simple.

      Thanks for the comment

    2. How nice that you don’t need the money and can just discard/sell those things that others probably worked very hard to provide for you… furniture, clothing, expensive purses. You don’t sound cheap, you sound greedy and ungrateful.

  2. Hi , How to start to minimalist life , My opinion is Hide TV or give it to someone else your TV.

    TV is working with companies want to sell their stuff , so If we do not see TV, We do not buy .:))

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