Minimalist living is about space, Openness, and Freedom.

There can be none of this if you are holding onto stuff “just in case”.

Of course you might need that tie with the cows on it.(Probably not!)

Maybe you will need those papers from 1998.

Do you own a wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear? The average person wears the same 10 to 15 articles of clothing. So why have closets and dressers filled to overflowing?

How about paper work you hang onto “just in case”? Or old magazines and books that you have already read? Videos, CD’s, and DVD’s that you actually spent money on but are now just sitting around collecting dust and taking up space?

Sound familiar? Look around. How much stuff do you have that you are holding onto just in case you might need it sometime?

The reason spring cleaning in so liberating is because you get to offload all the stuff that causes clutter in both your physical space and your mental space. If you can find a good home for these items and benefit others by all means donate it. Maybe you can sell it and recoup some of the money you have spent.

Maybe you are also holding onto old beliefs and habits that do not serve you. A pattern of behavior that has become self destructive. Just as you are able to make changes and start to clear out the physical clutter that is holding you in the past, you can also make changes to your mental thoughts as well.

This can be the new You.

There is no room for new thoughts and habits until you clear the old ones away. The same is true for physical stuff. This is why people have too much clutter. They do not clear out before bringing new items in.

A minimalist lifestyle allows you to examine your values and determine what is important to you.

A minimalist lifestyle will allow you to be free from the shackles that have held you back from being the person you know you can be. The person you are destined to be.

A person who places more value on doing good for others and not in buying and possessing material things.

With a minimalist lifestyle anything is possible.

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“Live Simply”

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