I am watching a show where homeowners have to decide if they want to renovate their existing home or sell it and move on.

The number one phrase I hear is, “we need more storage”.

I have heard the word storage at least 100 times during this thirty minute show.

They are a young couple with a baby and their current house is very nice.

More than nice.

It has a huge basement with a finished bathroom.

A bathroom they cannot use.

Want to know why?

They are using it for STORAGE!!!!!

As well as the rest of the basement!

Here is a newsflash:

You don’t need more storage or more space. You need less stuff.

The new homes they are looking at are no better than what they have. It is just that the new homes have NO STUFF piled to the ceilings.


No wonder personal debt is at an all time high.

Less is more.

If this is you and you are thinking that you need more storage, more bins, more containers, and more shelves, maybe you should look at the stuff you have and think about getting rid of some it.

I have stuff. I have a bankers box for my papers. I have a container or two for items that are packed away. I live in the real world as do you.

But maybe we could do with a little less stuff and clear up a lot more space.

“Live Simply”

One thought on ““We Need More Storage”

  1. Hi, I totally agree that we no need more storage. I dreamed of having only one suitcase and move freely . I am saying these words manytimes then it is on the way to realize.
    I love books but now letting them off and see ,,,,, i will be sad or want them getting back ?

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