I live in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia in Canada. It is on the east coast. The Atlantic Ocean is nearby.

Nova Scotians are a hearty lot. Hard word working folks.

We’ve had to be.

Nova Scotia is what is known as a “have not province“. This means that our province relies on what are called eualization payments from our federal government in Ottawa.

Equalization payments are cash payments made in some federal systems of government from the federal government to subnational governments with the objective of offsetting differences in available revenue or in the cost of providing services.

It is an incredibly complex formula.

What I am getting at here is that we are told as citizens to buck up and count our pennies. To be frugal and to save for emergencies and of course for our retirement.

Isn’t it interesting that our own government tells us this and yet they run in a deficit year after year.

They themselves cannot get their financial house in order.

So what about these Five words that will make you rich?

Are you ready?

Spend less than you make.

That’s it. No big surprise really.

You don’t need a degree in accounting to figure it out.

Spend less than you make.

It’s so simple it really is wonderful.

The problem is that the vast majority of people do not follow this simple advice. They somehow manage to spend more than they bring in.

Just like our government.

We are taxed to the breaking point here in Nova Scotia. Fifteen percent on all goods and services. Electricity rates have risen 40% over the past ten years. The prices of gasoline is now 1.35$ per liter. That’s about 5.11$ per U.S. gallon.

Education funding is being cut yearly and our roads are among the worst in the country.

And it really would not matter what political party is in power. They are really all the same.

I am not sure what the solutions are. That is above my pay grade.

I do know this.

Our government, just like the rest of us, needs to start spending less than it makes.

“Live Simply”


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