“Life Is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Plans.”

Location independent? What the hell is that?

The above quote pretty much sums things up doesn’t it.

We race around trying to do way to much and before you know it your 40.

And then what?

I went to college and got my Bachelor of Education degree. I thought I wanted to be a teacher.

I then owned a successful driving school franchise for a number of years.

I had a house. I got married. Just like we are “conditioned” to do.

It didn’t work out. Oh well. Live and learn.

Then I got back into teaching. For a year. It wasn’t for me.

Now I work in a Michelin tire facility. I do actually kind of enjoy it.

I have very little debt. I have saved a decent amount of money. I have a very good life by all conventional barometers.

But I cannot shake this feeling that there is something more for me out there somewhere.

There is a nagging little voice inside of me telling me that I am not doing what I should be doing.

I have this desire to wander. To explore. To see people and places.

And I am not going to ignore it any more.

A lot of us attempt to go on a vacation once per year to escape the Canadian winter for a week. Wow, a whole week! An overpriced trip to a resort where the locals are underpaid. Not what one would call a culturally immersive experience.

A couple of summers ago I went to Europe and backpacked around. That was much better. Just wandering with one little pack.

I want to climb the mountains of the world.

I want to break bread around dinner tables round the world.

I want to shop at markets around the world.

I want to dive for treasure.

I want to understand daily life in remote corners of the world.

I want to volunteer my services to help people around the world.

So this is my new plan. To realize this reality.

I want to travel slowly and stay in a particular location for weeks or months at a time.

I want to volunteer at an orphanage or work on an organic farm.

I want to live, not just barely exist.

I cannot wait another 20 years for “retirement” when I may not be able to do the things I want to do now.

I could be hit by a car tomorrow. There are no guarantees in life.

So why wait? Location independent. No fixed address.

Life is for living.

Right now I am not sure what form my travels will take. There is planning to be done. I just know that I have to go.

So the planning begins for a location independent lifestyle.

Your thoughts? Please share them in the comments.

“Live Simply”


14 thoughts on “A Plan To Become Location Independent

  1. Great Blog Post! This is exactly what I have been feeling for the last several years. And, like you, I’m making plans to do something about it. Wish me luck! Thanks for your insightful writing:-)

  2. I don’t have any advice in making it happen…always wonder how people do that as it always takes more money than you think just to live! But, I know the thoughts and desires for a change, for more meaningful experiences and that’s what my main goal is, to get rid of all the distractions so I can choose more meaningful endeavors right here at home.

    Good luck…it’ll be fun to hear how you make it all happen!

    1. Well there are many ways to make it happen. Volunteer in exchange for accommodations, house siting, work exchanges, couch surfing. Lots of reputable organizations that will match people who are looking for work in exchange for accommodations etc.

  3. That sounds awesome! I have thought the same things as you but have never acted on it. I wish I could travel around the world, learn other cultures and volunteer. My sister has done all of that by the age of 30, and she’s still going. She’s traveled alone throughout South America, Europe, Asia, and she’s lived in London and Australia. When I was younger, we took a road trip around the U.S. For 6 weeks.

    The only thing holding me back now is my family, and young daughter. I have the urge to get out and travel the world, but I feel like I have to wait until my daughter is grown and older. But your son is a teenager and would be able to travel with you. I think you shouldn’t let anything hold you back – like you said, you can’t wait until you’re 60 and possibly disabled. You need to go out and experience the world while your body and mind are still in mint condition.

    Also, I love your blog! I spent 2 days just reading all your previous entry’s. You’re very motivational, and I can’t believe more people don’t take the time to comment on here. If you do start to travel, please don’t stop writing!!

    1. Wow, thanks very much for you comment. Nice to hear that I am connecting with people. There are many families that do this with younger children. It would certainly make things interesting. Just imagine the education they would receive by experiencing different cultures. Yes I am hoping my son will come with me. He is such a carefree kid. And even if you do wait until your daughter is older it gives you time to pan and save some money.

      I will definitely continue to write when on the road.

  4. If possible can I recommend that you get hold of a book I just read – “A Life On Gorge River – New Zealand’s Remotest family” by Robert Long. You can look it up on the net and see what i am talking about – the story is quite amazing but the end of the book sums up exactly – and I mean exactly what you are talking about with regard to getting out there and doing. Please have a look for this book – it is a fairly new release I think. I have never been so pleased to spend my money and it go to someone I believe deserves a few dollars for their effort of writing.

  5. I’ve done a lot of travelling in my life and lived in four countries. Its brought me to the place where I see that I need to bring my travelling self into my ordinary life – start noticing everything, being more open…that sort of thing.

  6. Check out the SilverSnail blog. She has been location-independent for a number of years and has good information on the lifestyle.

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